Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crazy 8's

The Rules
1. Mention the person who tagged you:
2. Complete the list of 8's.
3. Tag 8 other bloggers.
4. Tell them they have been tagged.

Eight Things I Look Forward To:
Timmy's coffee on Sundays
Going to work on Saturdays (well...most Saturdays)
School being over for the big kids
Going to the beach this summer
Scott coming home from work every weekday
Having the school yearbook completed
Jake's talent show at school
Back to school shopping with Kylie

Eight Things I Did Yesterday
Gave Sam a bath
Met Scott for lunch at the mall
Bought new summer sandals
Cut out a blanket for J's teacher's baby (with J)
Worked on a faux koshashin project with K
Did 4 loads of laundry
Played 'tent' with Sam
Made pancakes and turkey bacon for supper

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do
Crochet! Gawd, that pisses me off!
Put in a zipper correctly the first time
Have a cold drink outside on a hot day (will it ever be summer?)
Read Kylie's mind
Adopt a cute, chubby boy baby from somewhere
Make time stand still or at least slow down
Sit through a movie for my husband's sake
Master the computer at work

Eight Shows I Watch
Taking it Off
The Duggars
Family Guy
The Evening News
Housewives of Orange County (don't laugh)
Corner Gas
Hannah Montana
Mad TV
(I don't watch any of the above regularly...I just know Family Guy is on at 10 and the news is on at 6 lol)

Eight Friends I Am Tagging:
Um...if you're reading, tag you're it!!!

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