Thursday, August 6, 2009


My computer is fried: Kiki picked up a virus from her beloved, and when the virus was deleted it took a bunch of drivers with it. Sucks.

So I'm down to using Scott's laptop, which I loathe...i just can't get used to typing on those flat keys. My fingers are throwing /// in everywhere, because that stupid key keeps getting in the way. Today, Kylie and I are at the on Gaia while I check out some blogs. I've been really bad for commenting lately, but I hope I can get up to speed today.

There is a teenaged boy, maybe 13, sitting across from Kylie at another computer and he keeps peeking around his monitor at her...and she's completely oblivious. I want to poke him in his bony shoulder and say, "Hey, buddy, back off...she's only 11!" lol. I can tell that I'm going to have trouble with the oncoming teenage years lol.

Kylie has an appointment for a haircut tomorrow. We were looking at hairstyles on the computer, and while I like the conservative looks for her, she likes the wild and crazy 'scene' and 'emo' look. She's asking for black, no. Come talk to me when you're in junior high. Unless you want the Sharpie treatment, which is good. Washes out in one shampoo and costs me nothing lol.

We're going shopping for jeans and indoor shoes, as soon as I can pry her off of the computer. She wants Puma, do they sell Pumas at WalMart? No? Then forget it.

So many pictures to share with you...hopefully our computer will be up and running and I can post some in the next few days.

Later, taters :) .


mackey said...

Oh the fun of shopping with teens. My son banished Walmart from his list of places to shop back when he was 10=]
I heart Pumas too but I do not heart the $120 price tag.
Good luck with the comp. u use Shaw secure? it is awesome for getting rid of viruses with minimal ditruction. AVG free is good too.
Have fun at the mall!
Oh..maybe try Army & Navy for shoes. They always have some funky stuff & their prices are good.

Josie said...

Good luck with keeping those boys away... hehe

Nico said...

Oh no! I hope that your computer is feeling better soon :)

Cori said...

My condolences on the computer issues.
My dear sweet eleven-year-old-on-Thursday has won the war for dyed hair. We screwed ourselves by letting number one son get streaks in grade 5. Who knew a few blonde tips on short boy hair would backfire?! I'm taking her this week for auburn streaks. Not fire engine red as she desires.