Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So there are 15 days left until school starts, and this is the first year that I have to say...I can't wait. Truthfully, I've had it with summer. The weather has sucked, my big kids are fighting at every opportunity and I hate taking them anywhere. I can't wait to go to Wal Mart whenever I want to and not have to punish someone by the time I get to the parking lot. I'm just done. My wish of home-schooling is GONE. Good riddance, summer!!!

Today, my to-do list is almost at the point of exploding. I have to:

-bake a cake
-clean 2 fridges
-sew 2 teddy bear outfits for a birthday gift
-organize my pantry
-take 2 ginormous boxes of fabric to the basement
-make Rice Krispie squares with Jake
-fold laundry and put it away, nag the kids to put their own laundry away
-help Kylie with a sewing project.

Kylie has decided (finally) what to do with this fabric , gifted to us months ago by the lovely Spacestitch . Kylie is making a patchwork dress for Sam for her second birthday, which is less than a month away. It's a lot of cutting and a lot of sewing, but I think she's up to it. It pains me immensely to cut into this fabric, though....it's so purdy :) . Why does Canadian Fabricland have to suck so much???

By the way, we were lucky enough to win some Bento pics in a bloggy give-away from Spacestitch, whose Etsy shop is up and running and full to the brim with lots of beautiful things. Stop by and take a look :) . That is, after you look at the above picture and think to yourself: doesn't that boy ever comb his hair??? No, he does not lol. Another summer fight.

My attendant of honour at my wedding has found me on FB, after I took the 'unsearchable' privacy thingy off of my account. Something that bugs me: when you find meet/talk to someone after a long period of time, and they make a point of telling you every possible wonderful thing that has happened to them over the past million years since you saw them last, but they absolutely forget the part where they should ask you how you are doing. So does that mean they don't care to know...or do they just expect you to offer up that information? Whatever...his wife is a bitch. That's punishment enough for him lol.
Later, taters :)


Cori said...

rofl! I'm sure I should be more sympathetic as you sound very stressed, but this post made me laugh. I couldn't bake anything when feeling angst, or I'd eat it all.

Have a better day! I have to go to walmart and my oldest/built in babysitter isn't home, so if you happen to go there and see me yelling at my three kids, know we are kindred spirits.

Liane said...

Ha ha ha about facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. It changes daily...

Thanks for the plug!