Friday, August 7, 2009

Drumheller Pics #1

Some pics of our vacation in Drumheller, Alberta .

This is a 6 story-high dinosaur by the pool, you can see it from all over town. I stayed at the bottom with Sam while everyone else went up.

View from the top. After Sam ran around the splash park for a while, we went swimming at the Aquaplex. I'm realizing that we go to the pool a lot...we went to a neat pool in Calgary, too, but I don't have any pictures.

Our hotel...The Jurassic Inn lol. It was so clean...I love Best Westerns. I can 'almost' take my shoes off when I'm there. Almost, I said :) .

Sammy Sunshine at the Fossil World Discovery Centre . Rawr. This place was cool, Sammy just ran her but off inside, there was nothing she could reach to was meant just for kids, it was lots of fun.

It's a bone!

Now it's...Gumbie???

Digging for fossils. Each kid, even Sam, got a bucket with a shovel and a big paintbrush. If the kids dig deep enough, there is a large fossil under the sand, the length of the pit. While they are digging and brushing the sand away, they fill their pail with all sorts of cool-looking fossils. When they have had their fill of digging, they get to keep one of the fossils that they found, their choice. There was also a panning-for-minerals station and a rock-climbing station.

Lookit, I'm famous: my artwork is on display (the one on the top) :D .


Danica said...

Lovely!! I love the picture of little Sammy smiling in the church.

Coolcook said...

Hey: glad you had a good holiday, the kids look like they had tons of fun. No photos of you???? are you like me and are camera shy?
Love the hoodoos never been in all the years I lived in Alberta before and now. I need a travel partner, hey Sammy Sunshine wanna travel with Jake???? Just kidding.

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks, ladies :) .

Jake, there are tons of pictures of me...I just don't like looking at them, so I don't post them lol.

You're welcome to take Sammy Sunshine travelling with you! That is...if you don't mind nursing her, as she's still on the boob lol. You don't mind, do you lol???

Cori said...

Great pictures! Drumheller is one of our fave places. But we've never been to the fossil place - have no idea how we've missed it, sounds awesome for kids!

The Gumbie shot rules!!