Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things. And stuff...

Kylie and her BFF, sporting their new tote bags. We had gone to West Edmonton Mall in search of Tokidoki stuff and ended up at House of Bags, a little kiosk in the mall (Phase III). We did find a Tokidoki bag but Kylie fell in love with this cute flying pig bag instead. The bag is printed with the same saying, over and over again:

"I made a nice dream under the stars sky. You flied to me suddenly."

LOL...that makes no sense at all. Kylie's friend M picked up a Domo bag. Now I've got the big idea in my head that each bag requires a matching crocheted coin purse. Ugh.

Speaking of crochet, I've noticed that it's almost as much fun to buy new yarn as it is to buy fabric (which I don't buy anymore). I already have a Rubbermaid tote filled to exploding with various acrylic yarn...then I discovered crocheting with cotton. Luuuuuuuv it. I would like to toss all of my acrylic yarn in favour of cotton. So expensive though :( .

Next time I need varigated yarn, I'm going to try this: Josie's post on dyeing wool with Kool-aid . I had no idea you could do that. Another project to add to the "need to try this" file...along with the projects in this book:

...I just picked it up from the library today. There is a baby robot, a geisha robot and a zombie robot, among others. They're cuter than all get-out, aren't they??

Well, back to the crocheting. I'm hoping I can have the girls' coin purses done for Valentine's day. Eek, that's on Sunday!!


The King Family said...

Im glad you enjoy crocheting! It is so addicting and I too find I dont buy fabrics anymore- just loads and loads of yarn! lol. As far as washing it, you can only dye "natural fibers" which I think cotton fits into- but wool, bamboo and that soft of stuff is the best because the fibers hold the dye! Anyway, so you cant throw wool into the washing machine, but the color actually doesnt fade or bleed out when it is washed! (maybe a tiny bit!) But I just wash all my woolies in a sink of warm water with some wool wash and it washes up great! Glad you enjoyed my tut!

Kylie's Mom said...

Yes, I very much enjoyed that tute, Josie: one day I'm going to try it, I think it's awesome. Next time I'm at Michael's I'm going to look for that Paton wool.

Princesstefer said...

Did you end up finding any Tokidoki at Urban Outfitters? I hope I didn't send you on a wild goose chase there, they are kind of hit and miss for specifics like that.

Kylie's Mom said...

No wild goose chase at all! We found lots of neat things, but not any Tokidoki that day. But we spent a lot of time in there, they have some great stuff.