Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Monday morning, we played a bit of hookie and headed to the Art Gallery of Alberta. Jake stood by the van as I plugged the meter and looked at the building with a furrowed brow, and said: "Was there some kind of accident here??". I'll admit, I think it looks a bit odd, too...definitely nothing like the other buildings downtown lol. Inside, we headed out on our guided tour. Our tour guide told us that the curves and waves of metal are representative of the North Saskatchewan river...and were produced by a factory that builds airplanes in Kansas City. Just a tidbit of information for you there :) .

The displays were really neat, Kylie especially liked
The Murder of Crows was pretty cool, 98 speakers set up throughout the entire 3rd floor of the gallery, and you just wander around, listening. Each speaker conveys a different sound, so you get a different perspective in every area of the room. It is a little scary, as it depicts someone's nightmare, but it was very cool :) .

We spent a little too much time in the Fransisco Goya room, which depicted the atrocities of war through a display of pencil drawings of people being tortured and murdered. Jacob has this thing for Napoleon lately...he is just enthralled with the fact that someone so small and mean could be so powerful over so many people. Of course, Jake's Napoleon ideals come from his favourite movie of late, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", where Napoleon conquers a waterpark lol.

I really wanted to spend some more time in the De Gas room, but we were scooted out the door as there were 4500 more people that they wanted to get through the gallery on that day. In a few weeks, we'll meet up with Scott after work and spend some more time there.

I'm still not convinced that Edmonton needed this $80 million, just seeing that amount of money in print makes me wince!
Later, taters ;) .


Jennifer said...

I saw over 200 crows in my yard last year...must have been a funeral. hey? lol ;)

Coolcook said...

My jury is still out on the design also, and the price tag is beyond belief, but hey the new arena will cost much more. Culture vs Sports?????

Cori said...

I'm waiting a month or two for the crowds to die down. But what you described sounds pretty cool. Ouch - I knew it cost $$$, but didn;t know it was quite so $$$$$$