Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Body Parts...

This is how Scott and I spent Valentine's Day: He sat on the couch watching TV, holding my yarn, while I sat in the chair crocheting. How romantic lol.

By the end of the weekend, I had this much finished: a load of body parts, which will end up being 2 robots, 2 changepurses and a lemur. I was able to get a good portion done while we watched Zombieland. Aren't you so proud, I didn't even fall asleep!! I thought I was incapable of sitting through an entire movie!

Domo change purse for Kylie's friend. It has a zipper and is lined with Moda sock monkeys fabric. I thought: if you were to open up a Domo, what would you find in its tummy? Sock monkeys seems perfectly reasonable. I'm not really happy with him...he looks kind of grade-school, know what I mean? But I filled him with pink chocolate hearts and a strawberry lip balm to make up for his ugly-ness.

Jacob's lemur. So many little parts...I'm not sure that I would do a guy like this again.

I hope to finish 2 robots tonight...there's a lot of embroidery, though, so maybe not until next week's post lol.


mackey said...

Now that is true love.
btw....what bodyparts are the round peach ones?? ;)

Kylie's Mom said...

ROFL...mackey, you crazy brawd...

Josie said...

So im curious, did you have success with the dying?!?! I want to see!

Kylie's Mom said...

Josie -- I tried, I really did lol. I used some natural-coloured cotton yarn that I had bought for dishcloths and some orange Kool aid, and it turned out sorta mildly peach coloured. I'm going to try again with some Paton Wool, because I couldn't find it at Michael's the last time I went.

Cori said...

Well, Zombieland is about as romantic as it gets in my house, so I hear ya!
Love the crafties - I bow down before you