Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Crazy Crack Head Lady;

Ha!!!! Ha ha ha ha.....oh my God, ha ha ha ha....

(wiping tear from my cheek) Ha ha ha ha ha ha... hee hee....hee...hee hee hee...

Oh dear...*sigh*...

Yours truly;

Kylie's Mom.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My biker babe.

This picture right here...this is a perfect representation of what kind of a dad Scott is. Here he is, just got home after a very long 11 hour day and he pushes his dinner aside, so that Sam can sit on his knee to read fliers with him. He could have just told her 'no', that he would pick her up later when she begged for some time with him, but he put his needs aside so that he could cuddle his baby.

My baby in a tutu with jam all over it, taking her dollies for a walk. My kitchen sucks.

Yay!!! Daddy got a laptop for Father's Day, so he doesn't have to work so many late nights at the office anymore! He can take it on the road with him, and into people's houses, and everything!!! I have to clap and clap and clap!!!

I won a yellow golf shirt at that insurance convention we went to last month, and I thought it would make a nice dress for Sam. Again, it's filthy...I can't seem to keep her clean lately lol.

Oh, and hey: 5 more days of school until summer break. Yay!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there (like my husband)! Hope you have a wonderful day with your families!

And a big Screw You to all the crappy/useless/or deadbeat dads. You don't know what you're missing in your kids.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Making cupcakes...

Then she stuffed them in jars, piped as much icing as humanly possible in and around the cupcakes...added 3/4 of a jar of butterfly sprinkles...


Finished project! Cupcakes in a jar for Kiki and her friend, for dessert on a sweltering 30C+ night.

Sammy Sunshine doing some colouring, perched atop the dining room table...

...and a boy who really needs a haircut but just can't stand the idea. He could probably use a clean shirt, too. Lookit those dandelions in the background...I don't know why, but it seems like there are just tons of them this year. But I don't mind them, they're pretty when they're still yellow :) .

Saturday, June 6, 2009

3 posts in one night!

Can't sleep...Kylie's friend is sleeping over, but there's not much sleeping going on...

Last week, I took Kylie out of school for the afternoon so that we could visit the Koshashin exhibit at the Edmonton Art Gallery. Koshashin is a Japanese word meaning 'old photography', and I only know that because I Googled it lol. Kylie enjoyed it fact, there were grade 8 classes there on a field trip who just rolled their eyes and acted silly, while Kylie walked from room to room, soaking it all in. She loved it.

When we got home, we Googled 'Koshashin', and found a koshashin generator here (in the upper right-hand corner, you can toggle from Japanese to English). We uploaded some pictures that we took last summer and she chose one to hi-lite with some pencil crayons. I think it turned out pretty cool...

Before (I actually can't find the *exact* picture right now):



I'm going to frame it and display it in my bedroom, which is decorated with the kids' art projects. I liked doing this with her...reminds me of the days when Kylie thought it was cool to do crafts with me. Now I'm useless to her lol...

The Lemonade Stand Award


Cori at Cori's Musings has nominated me for a Lemonade Stand Award!

The Rules:
Comment on this blog.
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Nominate 5 to 10 blogs you feel show great attitude and gratitude.
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Thank you Cori, I shall treasure my award always :) .

I have an issue, though...I can't really pick just a few of my favourite blogs to nominate, because I love them all. Even if the authors have a crappy attitude for one day or one post, I still love them fact, that makes me love them more :) .

Crazy 8's

The Rules
1. Mention the person who tagged you:
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Eight Things I Look Forward To:
Timmy's coffee on Sundays
Going to work on Saturdays (well...most Saturdays)
School being over for the big kids
Going to the beach this summer
Scott coming home from work every weekday
Having the school yearbook completed
Jake's talent show at school
Back to school shopping with Kylie

Eight Things I Did Yesterday
Gave Sam a bath
Met Scott for lunch at the mall
Bought new summer sandals
Cut out a blanket for J's teacher's baby (with J)
Worked on a faux koshashin project with K
Did 4 loads of laundry
Played 'tent' with Sam
Made pancakes and turkey bacon for supper

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do
Crochet! Gawd, that pisses me off!
Put in a zipper correctly the first time
Have a cold drink outside on a hot day (will it ever be summer?)
Read Kylie's mind
Adopt a cute, chubby boy baby from somewhere
Make time stand still or at least slow down
Sit through a movie for my husband's sake
Master the computer at work

Eight Shows I Watch
Taking it Off
The Duggars
Family Guy
The Evening News
Housewives of Orange County (don't laugh)
Corner Gas
Hannah Montana
Mad TV
(I don't watch any of the above regularly...I just know Family Guy is on at 10 and the news is on at 6 lol)

Eight Friends I Am Tagging:
Um...if you're reading, tag you're it!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Scott and I just had our very first vacation together, without any kids, since before Kylie was born! How very exciting. And now I get to bore you with the pictures lol.


We stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge, in Jasper (of course) which is super-duper fancy. A bowl of cereal cost $10, the same price as a beer...which I find absolutely stupid. But I guess you pay for the view, right? We were attending an insurance adjustor convention, so we got tons of free post-its, pens and lanyards to make up for the crazy prices.


...the lobby...fancy, huh? Freakin' stuffed, dead animal heads *everywhere*.


Golf-cart porters. These guys just sit outside, waiting to take you to your $300 per night cabin. Well, it wasn't really a cabin...more like row-housing. The rooms were teeny and hot, no air conditioning and it just happened to be really warm when we arrived.


I *think* this was the staff quarters, but I'm not sure...but note the breath-taking view of the Rockies in the background. I don't think I could ever get tired of that.


Are these bighorn sheep? Mountain goats? What do you call these things? We saw tons of elk or bears though.


And this is a pic of me crushing the car in front of us.

It was a fun trip, and we were so lucky to have my husband's sister, who is a rockin' Auntie, and my mom to watch the kids while we were gone. I think it will be a while until we go somewhere without the kids again...I just missed them too much.

Oh, one more pic:


Kylie, in the parking lot after the Koshashin exhibit at the Edmonton Art Gallery. But more about that later...I also have a meme to respond to and an award (yay, me!). Tomorrow is the year-end free hot dog lunch at school as well as track and field day, and I have to finish off a few PAC reports. Busy girl, I am!