Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Below is a listing of all the articles that I have replaced zippers in since October 2008:
  • Kylie's old white winter jacket
  • Jacob's brand new winter jacket
  • Sam's snowsuit (which used to be Kylie's, which used to be her cousin's, etc)

And now for a list of things, all of which the zippers have broken in just the last few weeks!

  • Jake's hoodie
  • Sam's hoodie
  • Kylie's new winter coat, barely a month old...but no point in returning it because I paid less than $20 for it on clearance when it's worth well over $75

Why do clothing manufacturers put in cruddy zippers to begin with? Hmm? And why does all this happen *after* I let my Fabricland membership lapse, in a form of protest, because their fabric selection hasn't changed in ten years??? Meaning, I have to drive clear across town to Marshall's to buy new zippers, and hope they have a decent colour selection. Argh!

Well, off to rip out yet another zipper...


Nico said...

Hey, I have a hoodie that needs a new zipper, can I send it to you :)

Kylie's Mom said...

No!!! LOL, no way!!!

Josie said...

Hahaha! Im sorry! I can happily say I have only had to put in 1 zipper that was broken- and I bought it broken for super discount at ross..... good luck! :)