Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Finally...computer issues are cleared up. We got rid of that retarded Vista garbage and are back to XP. Tell me, is there anyone in the entire world that likes Vista???

Sam and I in a post-bath fort. She loves this...always bringing me a tea towel or her jacket to put over our heads.

Scott won a Valentine's Day basket at work, and these great word magnets were in it (the Star Wars magents are Jake's). My big kids have been kept busy making lots of silly sentences.

From this...

...to this. My first time sewing with knits (I am so proud). Sam and I are starting parented swim lessons soon and for some reason she had no top to match this swim diaper. So I found a t-shirt that I don't wear anymore and chopped it up to make a halter top to go with it. I think I've used the pattern in the above picture about a million times since Kylie was a toddler. I don't like Big 3 patterns, but this is one that was a definite keeper. Scott finally let me cut up his favourite Indy t-shirt (orange) to make the fish applique on the front of the halter. I've wanted to make a great diaper out of it since forever, but Sam doesn't really need more diapers...maybe I'll use the rest of the shirt for a little sun dress or something??? I don't know, I'll have to think about that one.


Josie said...

I have been looking for a swim suit pattern! Was that a good one? Where did u get the fabric? SO cute!!

Kylie's Mom said...

Josie, it's just a shorts/halter pattern, not a bathing suit pattern. I can't imagine sewing an actual bathing suit with the proper fabric...eek!

mackey said...

I love your abilty to improvise.

Danica said...

I love your editing in picture one. I actually thought she was wearing swim suit bottoms/panties until I looked closer.

Oh yeah and I run on Vista and I don't mind it.

Josie said...

That is so awesome! I am going to have to try it! ( I made myself swim suits in college.... ick) also, dunno if sam takes binki's, but if she does, they have pirate ones here http://www.mypacifier.com/Shop2.aspx