Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday :D

It's been a busy weekend :D .

I spent most of Saturday sleeping, and I felt much better by Saturday night. Scott wanted to take the van for an oil change, so we all piled into the van. While we were at Lubex, Jacob played in the backseat with Sammy, and kept yelling out the window, "Can I have a cheeseburger and a cream soda, please?" LOL...such a ham. Saturday night I mashed 6lbs of potatoes, and made Creamy Mashed Potatoes for Sunday's Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's. I pulled out my potato ricer, which I haven't used in makes the potatoes nice and creamy :D .

Sunday was Thanksgiving at my mom's. It was nice, I haven't seen my SIL for a long time so it was nice to catch up with her. The kids all ran around like their bums were on fire, as usual LOL. We had cupcakes for Jake's birthday (which isn't really until Tuesday) and then Jake opened his cards...lots of money and a Wii Batman Lego game from Scott and I. After we got home that night, I made a giant butterscotch chip cookie to take to the in laws on Monday for another birthday celebration. I realized that I had run out of butterscotch chips so I had to run to Safeway...$3 for a bag of chips, and that's on sale!!! Nuts!!! They're $2 at Walmart, but it's my own fault that I forgot to buy them there the other day.

Today is Monday, and another Thanksgiving at Scott's parent's place. Sammy is sleeping and I just sent the big kids to their room because they are both being excessively annoying and acting like asses. I think the pressure of the holiday and all of these birthday celebrations is starting to get to me LOL.


Danica said...

Happy Thanksgiving Susan!!! Glad you are feeling better.

Cheerios_Addict said...

I had to banish my son to his room on Sunday too. I think it's a moon thing... LOL!