Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday :)

I've spent 6 hours over the last two days at the kids' school, selling lollipops and Grey Cup Pool Tickets for fundraisers at the kid's school. It's fun, I really enjoy it. Tonight, Kylie came with me while Scott stayed at home with the younger two. There is also a Scholastic book fair, so Kylie took a few bucks and bought a Jonas Brother's book. She sat beside me at the table, reading Jonas Brother's trivia to me...trying to figure out, is Nick taller than Daddy LOL?

There is one mom who comes to the Parent Council meetings...I don't know why, she doesn't do anything. Well, she does do something actually...she takes on jobs and then decides they're too much work so she either doesn't do the job at all or does it halfway and then forgets about it. Such a pain in the bum. While another mom and I were selling raffle tickets today, she hung around the table, just getting in the way while she yapped on her cel phone. That is how she helps (insert eye-roll here).

I think I am just about done Sammy's Halloween costume, just a bit of hand sewing left. Today we bought pumpkins at WalMart...I was really surprised they had them, as they don't sell much for groceries (no produce at all). But they were a great price and freakin' huge! I wonder if we carved them this weekend, would they last until Halloween? Does putting a bit of Vaseline on the carved bits help??? Hmmm...I wonder.

Later, dudes :D .


mackey said...

We bought our pumpkins from walmart on sun.
We put Vaseline on the craved bits...hasn't seemed to help much at all.
Oh well...they are cheap enough...maybe we will do more next week.

Tracey said...

Wow.. Sammy gets a home made costume? Why am I not surprised, yet still very impressed..

Vaseline? I've never heard of that trick. I do feel compelled to point out that vaseline is highly flammable though.. so be careful!

Cori said...

My 7 year old got a Jonas Bros. book, too. Now I'm so glad to know that Kevin's real name is Paul.