Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jack o'lanterns!

Jake was scared to touch the goo...he's such a girl sometimes LOL. I did the majority of the work, but he did some. I used a metal measuring cup to scrape a lot of the guts out and it worked really well. We had those pumpkins scraped out in no time.

Kylie de-gooing her pumpkin. She doesn't mind getting all gooey.

Carving the pumpkin. We used a pumpkin saw, it's safe enough for even Jacob to do on his own.


The finished product!


Danica said...

I love carving pumpkins. Where is little Miss Sammy?? Did she play with the goo or in bed while all the fun happened?

Neonjake said...

I am shivering in my boot, the pumpkins are really scary. I used to love halloween it was my all time favorite holiday, I used to dress up all the time.

Kylie's Mom said...

I love Halloween too, Jake!

Miss Sammy was playing on the floor with the pumpkin seeds that were shooting all over the place. I was in charge of pumpkins this year, so Scott looked after Sammy.

Nico said...

I love your Jack o' Lanterns, they look great! I hope that you and your kiddos have a very Happy and safe Halloween! Big hugs :)

Kylie's Mom said...

Big hugs to you, too, Nico! Hope you and your family have great weather for trick or treating!

Cheerios_Addict said...

Love the rubber gloves!! :) Sounds like something my DS would like to use.