Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday :)


Sammy is sitting, looking out the screen door and yelling at the birds. And waving at them, saying "Haaa!!!" (hi). Egads, she's so cute!!! I can barely stand it!

Well, we skipped our usual Wednesday morning Sing and Sign class to go to the Medicentre instead. Because I have pink eye. Ew. The drops from the pharmacy aren't working, but at least the copious amounts of handwashing seem to be doing the one else in the house has it. The dr told me that it will go away on its own if everyone keeps up with the handwashing...but I asked for a Rx anyway. He gave me the teeniest bottle of drops *ever* and I was on my way.

Then Sammy and I trotted off to meet Scott for lunch. We had planned on meeting at Boston Pizza, but they are under renovations and wouldn't let us in to sit on the pub side, as Sammy was with us. we made our way to Timmy's instead. Holy crap, the Timmy's downtown is busy at lunch!

We discussed the possibility that I may look for a job in January, possibly in a Medicentre or at the hospital. I will only work evenings and weekends, and now that Scott can be home before 430 most days, I think it will work. I don't really think Scott wants me to work out of the home...he really enjoys our care-free evenings and all the free-time we have to do family things together. But we knew it wouldn't last forever. And quite honestly, I've been at home for 10's time for a life change. My goal is to work part time for the next 4 years, and then look for full time work as a clerk in the bodily injury department of an insurance office. Scott has plenty of connections and he says that all of the transcription clerks are close to retirement age so there is potentially lots of work. I think it would be fascinating work...I would still be dealing with medical terms and transcription, just in a different area. Scott thinks I'm nuts, no amount of money could lure him from property insurance into a BI department, there's just too much fraude and too many scammers.

So now Sammy and I are home, Sammy is going down for a nap soon and I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon before school lets out dusting, I believe. Tonight is Scott's evening to work late, and then I'm going to send him into the attic to get the Halloween decorations. Have I ever mentioned that I am deathly afraid of heights? Well, I am, and no way am I going up that ladder on my own LOL. That's one of the reasons I got married.

I should go get some soup out of the freezer for supper. Have a great day, everyone :D .


Jennifer said...

Good Luck in your future career endeavors. :)

Oh, yes...I'm scared of heights too...that is why I'm short!

Your little girl looks so huggable! :)

Cheerios_Addict said...

Aww, cute Sammy!!!

Neonjake said...

I know you love being home with your family and I agree there is nothing like it. But you probably need some adult interaction, on a part-time basis. I always worked after Hope was born and I enjoyed it most of the time. I hope you have good luck with your choice.
ps: Samantha looks like she is praying LOL.

Nico said...

Sammy is just too cute :) Good luck with the job hunt, I've been thinking about going back to work too, I would definitely want to work nights too.

Have fun decorating for Halloween, we are finally getting around to decorating here too :)