Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still blech.

So I was in bed by 730 last, I know, I'm a real party animal on a Friday night.

Jacob had his first friend-sleepover last night, but I was too sick to partake in the festivities. He arrived at 6, and like I said, I was in bed by 730, completely knocked out, so Scott supervised. I didn't hear them playing Wii sports, I didn't hear them making popcorn and getting ready to watch a movie...and I didn't hear R's mom come to pick him up at 11 because he was crying and missed his mom :*( . Poor kiddo, he was very sad. Oh well, we'll try again another day.

We woke up to a good ground-covering of frost this morning, and temperatures of about -8C. Yuk, it's cold now!

I was supposed to be at the West Edmonton Mall Breastfeeding Challenge, which I believe is world-wide, but I just couldn't hall my bum out of bed this morning. That makes me sad, because there is a chance that Sammy might be done nursing by this time next year (she'll be 2) but who knows? We'll have to see what she decides by then ;) . Tomorrow is Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house, and also a birthday celebration for Jacob. So tonight I need to make sour cream potatoes, a pumpkin cake, slice some crudites, and make some sort of birthday cake or cupcakes for Jake. Although, at the moment, I'm leaning towards buying a cake at Safeway because I'm just feeling too cruddy to imagine baking and decorating cupcakes right now. But at least I'm sick this weekend and not next, as it's Jake's birthday party with 10 of his friends. Yeesh...10 6-year old boys. Am I nuts???

Scott has taken Jake over to my mom's heated garage to work on the pinata for his party, and Sammy is in bed. She's crabby this morning...I'm sure she's coming down with my cold :( . Poor kid.

Have a good weekend, everyone :D .


Nico said...

I hope that you feel better soon, and get to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner too.

Maggie said...

I hope you get well soon. Don't wear yourself out!

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks to you both :D . I feel much better now...although I ate way too much over the last 2 days ;) .