Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh. My. God.

OK, I'm still shaking...recovering from the party from hell LOL. Never again in my house...never again. Next year it's Jake and 2 friends at Chuck E Cheese. I don't care how freakin' expensive it is, I don't ever want 9 seven-year-olds in my house. One is enough, thank you.

I'll admit, they were good...individually. But put together, are you aware of the carnage that a group of 7 year olds can pull off??? My God, I cleaned for 2 hours yesterday, and 2 hours his morning...and my house still doesn't look the same.

The games went well...we did DJ Freeze, musical chairs, Stick the Wart on the Witch, made witch's brew, whacked the pinata and then popped balloons on the trampoline. Scott got out the air compressor and blew up 2 packages of balloons (40 balloons). We thought it would keep them busy for a while...all 40 balloons were popped within 3 minutes. Unreal LOL.

Kylie and her friend, M, set up a tent in Sammy's room for fortune telling, which was fun...kept kids occupied in between games. The older girls also did face-painting and temporary tattoos for the little kids.

But it's all over for another birthday isn't until Kylie's in mid-July. Now we can focus on Halloween and then Christmas! Yay!


mackey said...

I hear ya!
When my son was in Gr2 we had 16 kids over for a party. The entertainment was to be Nikolai the magician whom is a very popular magician. Does the St.Ab childrens festival etc.
Ya...guess what? He didn't show.
Can u say "panic"?
He didn't even contact us until days later when my hubby threatened legal action on his voicemail.
That was the last time I had a party at my house=P

Danica said...

Poor Susan. Did you at least enjoy a glass (or bottle) when it was all done??

Nico said...

Yay! What a fun party :) I just love everyone's costumes! I hope that Jake had a great time, and I hope you are recovering from all of the kiddos ;)

Jennifer said...

They're like little tornadoes eh? Destroying everything in their ;)