Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another completed project.

So are you completely bored with all of my projects yet???

Well, so's another one lol.


I have had it *up to here* with stupid Big 3 Pattern Company patterns. They never fit, always look wonky and I have to do so much adjusting that I might as well make my own pattern. Kylie wanted a vest, and I wasn't about to pay $20 for something that she might wear twice until the fad is gone, so I traced a ready-made vest and found some stretch twill in my stash. Just had to buy buttons and bias tape for the armholes. Now she won't take it off lol...wore it to school, wore it to bed, wore it to go shopping with Gramma today lol...

Oh, and this is her "I'm mad because mom made me stand for another dumb picture" face lol.


Nico said...

Very cool vest!

Cori said...

That looks great (and her cheek tatoo is da bomb)! DD10 wears her vest as much as possible, but it's attached to a t-shirt, so she has to wait for laundry to be done.

mackey said...

That vest rawks!!!
Man.... u soo need to teach me how to sew!
I hot glue everything:P

Coolcook said...

I want a heart on my cheek too. Am I too old or could I get away with "going through my second childhood"

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks everyone :D .

Jake, I'm sure you can come with something a bit naughtier than a heart for your cheek lol.