Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday :)

Today is Thursday, meaning early dismissal for the big kids and a trip to the library. It is cold today and very windy...-16C but it feels like -30C with the wind.

This week, Sam and I have been working on cleaning a few neglected areas, like our basement storage, and also the last of the UFOs from my sewing desk. There are just a few more pieces that need mending, and then we're done! Um...well, except for the felt breakfast/lunch/fruits and veggies that we cut out over the weekend...yeesh, you think I would have learned my project at a time, Susan!!!

I got the most beautiful fabric in the mail this week from California, how cool is that?? It came from Liane over at Spacestitch ... you can stop by and check out her projects. Now what to do with the fabric??? It has to be something that Kylie can see/touch every day, and I think she is leaning towards a book bag...but then it will get dirty! The horror...beautiful fabric getting filth on it...unfathomable lol. I will post pics of Kylie and fabulous fabric soon.

Kylie is working on a vest for her dear friend K, using our drafted pattern. I helped her to pin it, she cut it out and sewed the facings on before I threw it on the serger. Tonight we will put buttons on it. Kylie is also putting together a diorama book report for school, based on the book Coraline . She is doing up a big shoe box to look like a book, and when you open the cover you see Coraline's apartment, complete with twisted, alternate-universe, button-eyed parents lol. She is using my scrapbooking papers for if I would have used it for scrapbooking anyway lol.

Have a good day, everyone :D .


Cori said...

Ha ha, I felt the same when DS13 used my scrapbooking stuff for a project last year. As much as I love scrapping, I figured it was being put to a much better use than collecting dust in my "special craft drawer".

The book bag idea would be wonderful!

Coolcook said...

Hey Babe, just doing some house wise... why is your still up? Just curious. You don't use it anymore do you?

Kylie's Mom said...

I don't know why that blog is still there Jake...I haven't used it in more than 6 months. In fact, I thought I deleted it...I'll have to go and look

Stef said...

Ok, was too tired to comment when I first read this post the other night, but Kylie's project sounds awesome!! I really hope you post pics. :D