Saturday, January 17, 2009

A post with WORDS and NO PICS!

Are you in shock? Can you hardly believe it LOL?

Scott and I just got back from our first date in a long while. One of the contractors that he works with gave him a $100 gift card for the Keg for Christmas, so we went out for steaks :) . But holy smokes, a 90 minute wait for a table, and we were there by 5, thinking that we were plenty early! So while we waited, we went to Sears to look at appliances. Yay lol.

The food was mediocre, the wait was ridiculous, but the company was fantastic :) . I lub my husband :) .

I have my sewing area mostly cleaned up, but there is just so much fabric...I think I like the fabric more than the sewing. I go through these sewing 'jags', where all I want to do is sew for a few weeks and then I don't touch it at all for months. I really should be working on prepping the kitchen for painting, but I can't seem to settle on a colour...there are just so many shades of lime green, who knew??? I've had paint chips taped to my walls for a couple of weeks now, just can't figure out which one to use.

Well, I'm off to bed now. Good night, all!


Coolcook said...

Just go einy meiny miney moe and then let someone else chose and then if you don't like it you can blame them.

Liane said...

I go on "shopping jags" and buy a ton of fabric. Then it just sits there and looks pretty while I DON'T sew it up. Good luck on the paint!

Josie said...

I am jellous of your craftyness! I must say! I LOVE the doll baby carrier! I need to make one of those for DD for her birthday! Also love the shoes- I bow down to you- oh crafty mama!

Josie said...

by the way- your felt food looks delicious! I am so going to have to copy some of it! Did you make it all up or did you have patterns?

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks, Josie! Some of the food I just winged, some of it I made a pattern for first. Like the cupcake...I made a pattern for that first, by tracing a silicone cupcake case.

You go right ahead and copy :D .