Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cleaning up my sewing corner, and I found...

...the felt food collection that I started this summer and didn't finish. I have a habit of doing this...starting something, getting caught up in something else and forgetting about the first project. So I decided before I start another project, I would finish with these. I still want to make Sam a bunch of other foods, but she's still too young to play with them anyway, so that can wait. Umm...I think I have a bit of a dessert fetish lol.




Kylie had made fortunes, written on pieces of fun foam to put in these...I just hadn't gotten around to it by the time I took the picture.


I know you've seen the pizza before, but I figured since I was posting everything else I might as well show you the pizza again. Plus Jake was yelling over my shoulder, "where's my pizza??? Mom, where is it??? Are you putting it up??? How about now, are you putting it up now???" .


Coolcook said...

They look so real, you just kickstarted my sweet tooth, hope you feel guilty. LOL
The fortune cookies are so realistic. You are a talented lady.

Nico said...

Your felt foods looks amazing!!!

Mamma Schmoo said...

Those are sooooo cute!! You are so talented. Wanna teach me to sew? I have a machine but just need to learn how to use it, and follow patterns....and....everything else that you have to do!

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I absolutely love these! How you did the folds of the icing--so clever.

grammat said...

hi k's mom when can i come over for cafe and cookies ?

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks everyone!

Oh no, my mom figured out how to comment lol...

Meredith, I just cut 1/2" wide strips of felt and gathered it with a running stitch, then spiraled it around the top of the cupcake while I stitched it down.

Mamma Schmoo...I sometimes surprise myself that I can figure out those patterns. If I can ever finish off my own projects, I'll come and teach you!

Stef said...

omg, I love these!! My kids have a bit of a food obsession (heh, you have no idea really) and would pee themselves if they saw these. Maybe I should try to make some too. hmm.

Tracey said...

I absolutely LOVE these! They are so much cuter than any toy you could buy !!!!

As a person fanatic for fortune cookies, I was tickled, but the cookies and cupcakes are just so adorable too!

Kylie's Mom said...
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Kylie's Mom said...

Comment deleted because I forgot to spell check lol.

Stef, I can email you all the patterns if you want. I think the only thing I didn't make patterns for were the cookies and the pizza, those are just different sized circles (I traced dinner plates, saucers, cups, etc).

I'm still working on the meat/cheese/lettuce sandwich, breakfast foods and fruits and veggies. I made patterns for all of those too, if you want them.

Stef said...

Why would I say no to patterns? lol Peas and tanks! ^_^