Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday! Holy smokes!

Well, it's Friday, and I've been busy. Just like any January, I've spent time cleaning all those areas that got neglected in the month of December...boot area, pantry, freezers, etc. Can't anyone in this house put something away in the same place they found it??? How hard is that, anyway???

I have a large wipe-off board in my kitchen with my TO DO list, and it includes things like:

  • nag Scott to call the accountant in re: to our taxes
  • wash walls/ceiling in kitchen in preparation for painting
  • organize hot dog lunch at school. New people=new ideas=more work...why can't things just be left as is???

I've been shopping for staples that we ran out of with the Christmas season, and making soup to fill the freezer. Roasted the last half-turkey that was in the freezer, bought when turkey was cheaper than ground beef last month. Score.

I have to tell you, I am cutting back on my blog posts...some things that have happened lately that have me sort of jaded with the whole world, and I'm just not into it like I was. I still read blogs daily, I just don't feel like blogging on my own. I will force myself to make entries at least once per week, as at the end of the year I print a copy of my blog to share with my kids when they get older. I like that they can look back and see all of the projects that we worked on, and see how hard Mama worked to keep this house running. I didn't sit on the couch and eat bonbons all day long while they were at school lol.

On the "looking for a job front"...I've had 2 job offers within the last week, one was a cleaning job (which I am so over doing for other people) and the other was an office job where Sam would have to be in care for a few hours a week. That's not going to happen, so I'm still looking for evening/weekend work, preferrably in my field. Both jobs were offered by friends, I didn't go looking for either...and frankly, I don't think there's much support here for me going out to work. When the right thing comes along, I guess I'll know. No rush.

Lots of sewing on the go right now, the baby booties are done and were a succes, and I'll post pics of that soon. My mom says I'm stingy when it comes to posting pictures, so I'll leave you with this for now:


My wipe-off board in the kitchen. Note how ugly and smeary it is right now. It's normally not like that, as I clean it regularly with alcohol to keep it white and bright, but there have been so many additions/deletions from the TO DO list that I can't keep up with it. And the kids aren't normally allowed to write on it, but Jacob wanted to leave me a note before he went to bed last night. Nice lol.


Nico said...

I love Jacob's note :) Hope you are doing well, and wishing you all the best with the busy days!

Neonjake said...

I hope you don't go away completely. Even once a week to keep updated on the family dynamics. I love it, reminds me of time long past, only I wasn't as tidy or as competent a housekeeper, just the opposite.
But then again my occupancy rate was all over the place. sometimes up to 3 or 4 extra freeloaders. Only had one that did housework and then only if the spirit moved him.

Stef said...

lol I love Jacob's note!! :D