Sunday, September 28, 2008

And yet more pics...

WAAAHH!!! I hate this thing, take it off, take it off!!!! Stupid Simplicity patterns, the hood is just about too small. I was hoping it would still fit in the spring.

Yes, I still rock her to sleep at night. Yes, she sleeps through the night and doesn't wake up until we get her up. Yes, she's still nursing. No, she's not spoiled.

Kylie's library stash for the week. She took them out on Wednesday night and has read everything except for the riddle books in the middle.


Jennifer said...

The pic of Sammy sleeping is just beautiful! She sure doesn't look happy in her cute new outfit! (Darn Patterns.. :( Still cute though! I think I'm going to look for a sewing inspire me!

Nico said...

I love Sammy's new outfit, she is just too adorable :)

Tracey said...

Oh! So cute!!!!
I love the sleeping picture.. no such thing as spoiling a baby, if you ask me! If you get cuddles AND sleeping through you've got the best of both worlds!


Neonjake said...

Kylie sounds like she is related to me. I am a reader and love just about anything on paper.
Sammy is so adorable, her new outfit is very pink, and simplicity patterns are still the same as when I used to sew, and that my dear is going back a long long time. LOL