Friday, November 21, 2008


Today, Kyie is home from school, sick. It started around lunch time on Wednesday, when the principal called to tell me that poor Kiki was in the bathroom throwing up :( . I knew she didn't look good the night before, and she didn't want breakfast on Wednesday morning...she's back to eating now, but gets tired really easy so I've kept her home with me for just another day. I like having her here...even if she is just a big lump sleeping on the couch :) .

Jacob came home from school the other day, and burst into tears: his teacher wouldn't let his friend help him to tie his shoelaces, and the teacher wouldn't help either, so Jacob walked around all day with an untied shoelace and tripped quite a few times. I understand that the teacher has 20 other students that he needs to tend to, and that Jacob should learn to do it on his own (we've been practicing at home), but really...let Jacob and his friend have a few minutes to work on it, even if just for safety's sake. Sometimes I wonder about that teacher...

Today is just a day filled with washing diapers, sewing up some shoes for Sammy to wear with her Christmas dress, and then hopefully, if Kylie feels a bit better tonight, we are all going to see Madagascar 2. I ordered some passes with our Airmiles so it's free :D . That's just the way I like it :D .

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