Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sammy Sunshine Update

I thought I would do a post on what my baby is doing lately.

-Typing anything takes Mama twice as long lately, because one of Sam's favourite activities is pulling herself up to the keyboard tray and pounding on the keys. She does it so quickly!!!! Argh...little bugger LOL.

-She has four first-year molars coming in all at the same time. She doesn't really wake up at night due to teething, so I'm lucky in that way; instead she wakes up at around 6am screaming (an hour early). Poor kid, those molars feel like little rocks in her gums and by the time breakfast rolls around they've gone back down. I wish they would erupt already!!!

-Sam is 14 months today and is walking around furniture (slowly and cautiously). Jake didn't walk until 16 months, so I'm not really worried about the will happen in time, I'm sure. When she crawls, it's on one knee and one foot for some reason LOL. It's pretty funny to watch.

-She dances, sings, and can sign "more". She says "no", "da da" (Daddy), Kah-key (Kylie) and Ga-Ga (Gramma). If I won't give her something, like the phone that I'm talking on while she sits on my lap, she pulls my hair LOL. She eats whatever we eat, but seems to particularly like cheese, apples, bananas and lettuce with a touch of dressing on it (no, not all in the same bowl).

-We are still nursing, and first thing in the morning is absolutely a must for her. If Scott gets up with her, she whines and cries until she sees me...sometimes crawling to my bedroom door and sitting outside whining until I get out of bed. Photobucket

My baby...why do they have to grow up so fast???

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Nico said...

Sammy is such a little doll! My Dylan loves to shred boxes of tissues too :)