Monday, November 3, 2008


I can't believe the weather today, it's something like 9C right now and raining...usually there is snow on the ground by now. I have winter boots ready to go for both kids, replaced a zipper in a used snowsuit for Sam, and have all of our toques and mitts ready for snow. So I'm prepared LOL!

This past weekend was fun, I took Kylie shopping while Scott stayed at home with the 2 smaller kiddos. Kylie still holds my hand in the mall...I love it. She was on the hunt for 'skinnies', otherwise known as skinny jeans, which is funny...because at the beginning of the school year, she described skinnies as "gross and nasty". So it's 2 months later and skinnies are the bee's knees, apparently. We found a few pairs, but not within what I was willing to spend, so she chose a pair of greyish, tight-denim looking leggings with pockets painted on the bum. She also chose a long, fitted zebra-print t-shirt and a black hat. A girl definitely has to have a hat for those bad hair days that arise every once in a while...and Kylie was definitely having a bad hair day on Saturday LOL. She had so much hairspray in her hair from Halloween night, and a bad case of bedhead. I tried to get her into the shower before we left, but I really wanted to get back before Sam woke up from her nap so we had to go.

Sunday, I cooked a turkey! Well, half a turkey. When turkeys were so cheap around Thanksgiving, I bought one and had the butcher slice it in half. He was nice enough to wrap each half individually, so I just threw them in the freezer. I brined it, as well, so it was very tender and yummy. Lookit me go. My friend told me that she boils the carcass for 24 hours to make soup, so that's what I'm doing right now. Yum, the soup and sandwiches is the best part of any turkey dinner!

Today is Monday, and it's laundry day. I'm finding the laundry a bit overwhelming lately, and I've never really had a specific day set aside for I'm going to give Monday Laundry Day a try. The plan is to wash 5 loads today (all the while, still checking the kids' clothes to see if they even need washing) plus diapers and have it all folded by the time I have to go to work tonight. Wish me luck.

Later, dudes :) .


Sharon said...

I just got my dd some jeans at la senza girl and 2 pairs were cheaper than 1 pair at sears. Preety sure they had a selection of skinnies (lol) - maybe for christmas shopping?

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks...we were at the Kingsway La Senza Girl on Saturday but didn't see even one pair of skinnies. I'll have to check some other locations.

mackey said...

Go to Urban Planet ot Londonderry mall. Average price- $20 a pair.
My son was into skinnies last year ( yes i hated it! lol-it's a sk8er thing) That is where we always got them from. They would prob have her size....they start at size 1.

Tracey said...

Holy Crow.. it looks like you do more in one day than I sometimes do in a month!! ;P
I never wanted to have an only child, but now that I think about laundry...

mackey said...

Oh & seen skinnies today at Zellers. $30.00 though=(
But they WERE purple=)