Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sam's Christmas shoes, made with this pattern: Mini Moc pattern
It's super, super easy and you can make it with just scraps you have laying around. Someone gave us a nice Christmas dress for Sam, and I wanted some shoes to go with it, but I wasn't interested in paying for them (cheapskate, remember?). I also wasn't interested in buying new fabric, and I was out of leather scraps...so I looked around and found an old pair of Jacob's sweatpants with a hole in the knee (it had been sitting in my mending pile for so long that he had outgrown them LOL). I also found some lace scraps in my stash. Put them together, and this is what you get. I went through my ribbon box and Kylie's bead box to embellish them a bit. They're sort of like Robeez, where there is elastic at the ankles and they are un-kickable. Great pattern.

The bottom of the shoes: now that Sam is walking around furniture, we needed a non-slip grip on the bottom. Again, I searched through my junk until I found some black fabric paint...works very well.

...and just a cute picture of my baby with blue candy all over her face :D .


Danica said...

So cool. Sammy is sooo cute and will be great fun this year.

Tracey said...

OMG! Those shoes are too cute, and Sammy is just WAAAAAY too cute. Can't get over her hair!!!

Nico said...

What cute shoes! Sammy is such a little doll :)

Sharon said...

Wayyy nicer shoes than you could find in any store! Especially love the slip grip bottom!

She looks a lot like her big sister now!

mackey said...

Sweet shoes!

I ised to fabirc paint the bottom of all my kids socks when they were little.
Kept them from slipping!

Jennifer said...

I meant to post days ago.......awesome job on the shoes! Sammy is so sweet! :)