Monday, November 10, 2008

The Weekend :) .

Well, lookit get 2 posts for the price of one today :D .

Saturday, I spent the day with another mom from school selling Grey Cup Raffle Pool Tickets to raise money for the school. It was actually kind of fun, so I didn't miss having a day away from my family. We had originally set up at the Sobey's in Beverly, but business was so cruddy that we moved to the ACT Centre where they were having a really big craft sale. I wish we would have thought of that first...could have made a few more bucks in the morning. What was really surprising...there were so many senior ladies at the craft show, and a good portion of them knew a lot about football. They knew current stats on the Eskimos, who was playing in the game that day, etc. I was quite impressed. When I got home, Scott finally put away all of the Halloween yard decore. He has been working a lot lately, and just hasn't had time. I guess I could have done it, but Sam just won't sit in her stroller anymore...oh well, it still got done.

Sunday, Scott went to work for a while and then we went to West Edmonton Mall to play for a bit. It was the first time that they told us that Kylie was too big to play in the playland :( . She was a little bummed, but Scott took her to the arcade while Jake, Sam and I played in the play structure. Jake would have liked someone to play with, but he still had a good time. I took some pictures, but something is screwy with my camera and everything looks overexposed and stupid. I have to try and figure that out today while Sam is sleeping.

Today is Monday, and Jacob has 3 friends coming over to play today. It's all or nothing with that guy, I tell ya. Sunday night he was very upset that he had no one to play video games with and today we will have more kids than Gamecube controllers LOL. I'm going to send them all out to play on the trampoline anyway, it's still really unseasonably warm so they will enjoy it.

I have to work tonight, as well as pick up a few groceries.

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