Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy week!

Whew...I can't believe August is half over already. Unreal.

Jake has been at daycamps all of this week through his after-school program and he's having a blast. They have gone swimming, made ice cream and cookies at the John Walter Museum, played at different parks and today they discussed bike and skateboard safety. He gets to play with so many kids during the day and is super, super happy :D .

Kylie and I have been doing a few things together, like shopping mostly LOL, a few crafts, and she has been spending a lot of time with her friends. Yesterday we went to get her a haircut, where she chose a chin-length bob. I asked the stylist to layer the ends a bit so it wasn't so blunt, but Kylie flat-out refused!!! What do I know, right? Well, I should have put my foot everyone is asking her if *I* cut her hair, it looks so awful. Today she is swimming with her BFF, but tomorrow we're going to get that mess fixed. Kylie wants pink streaks for school, so I'm going to look through my junk baskets for the pink Sharpie. Good thing that girl has blonde hair, streaking is easy and cheap :D .

Sammy has learned a new skill: how to shush people LOL. She lays her itty bitty index finger alongside of her nose (instead of over her mouth) and goes "kisssshhh" instead of "ssshhh" LOL. It's really funny. Sometimes her finger actually ends up in her nose while she's shushing me.

It was freakin' hot this week, the hottest it has ever been. Well, it felt like it anyway. Monday was like 35.7C or something...crazy hot. Unreal hot. We stayed inside all day long, except for when we had to go pick up Jake from his daycamp. Thank God for air conditioning. Now tomorrow is supposed to be something like 14C, and I heard that some areas of the province are at risk of frost already??? How can that be???

I'm going to make soup tomorrow if it kills me. Chicken broth I can do, but I'm talking ham and bean soup. With dry beans. Those buggers better cook tomorrow, I'm telling you. My mom has a pressure cooker, her dry beans are cooked in 20 minutes. With my luck, I could cook them for days and they would still be as hard as rocks. My mom and I went shopping today, and she showed me what bones to buy for soup. I hope this works...usually about this time of year, I go to Superstore and buy 4 flats of soup to last throughout the fall and winter. I don't want to buy prepared soups this year if I can avoid it.

Today is my sister's 49th birthday! Happy Birthday Sylvia!

Well, that's all for me. Scott is working late tonight so it is just me and the kids for supper. I think I'll have a salad with some chicken in it...Jacob wants corndogs. Ew.


Danica said...

Hey what you planning on storing your soup in? Will you freeze it??

I am going to buy a big stockpot at Costco next week and I want ot make some big batches of soup as well but I am not sure how to store it. Can you can soup like canning fruit??

I am hoping to make Chicken noodle, hamburger, and maybe a cream soup of some sort.

I was always afraid to make soup but after a couple of tries and I am proud to say...I make a damn good one.

Kylie's Mom said...

I bought a crockpot book and there are some tasty-sounding recipes in there. Bean and ham is my favourite soup right now.

I have a bunch of big yogurt containers, and a few large margarine tubs...I think I'll freeze the soup in there. I'll probably have to defrost a couple at a time, but that's ok.

I guess I've made cream of potato and broccoli before, that turned out pretty good so I shouldn't say that I *completely* suck at soup-making. But pretty close LOL.

My mom could do it with her eyes closed, I'm sure.