Monday, August 4, 2008

New concept!!!

Okay, I have an idea. Monday 'round these parts will now be known as:


...where I will post a picture of a me, albeit one that will never truly give you a good idea of what I look like. Someday, with persistence on your part, you will be able to piece together all of the pictures and when you see me in the mall or whatever you will screech, "Oh my gosh, it's Kylie's Mom!". Of course, a couple of you have already seen me, but I'm fairly sure that it was very forgettable.

So the first installment in Pieces of Me Monday:

This picture is two-fold. First, it lets you know what my fingers and forehead look like. Then it points out the huge purse that I now carry...complete with a spare diaper, cheerios, wipes, re-usable shopping bag, wallet, etc. I didn't want to carry a diaper bag, so this does the job. My purse used to be fun and it's dull and matronly. I think I'm going to draw some skulls and crossbones on it with a silver Sharpie.


Nico said...

Awesome Monday concept!

Sharon said...

You remind me of the neighbour from Home Improvement in this picture!!

Jennifer said...

You are such a trickster!!! :)

Neonjake said...

Nice smile. LOL

Danica said...

Love IT!!!

Tracey said...

Cool Idea.. I'll be waiting to play peek-a-blog with you!