Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, I just went to the van to take Kylie and my mom to the Burns lot where they will catch the shuttle to Heritage Days...and I realized that my van had been broken into overnight :( . But the jokes on them...I don't own anything of value so they didn't get anything good. Still, there was a back-up diaper bag hidden under the baby seat with a few diapers and a sleeper in it, they got that :( . And I realized that all 3 kids immunization records were in there. And they got my Superstore loonie from the ashtray }:( . Big Jake would say. We've been having trouble with the electronic locks lately, every time it rains they short out and then they lock and unlock over and over again. So we never actually know when the stupid doors are locked.

Now Jake is scared to go in the basement because he's scared of the bad men (probably crack heads). A new hurdle for us to overcome.

I am trying to focus on all the things that I have and how lucky I was that these losers didn't try to steal my van or vandalize it in any way. Of course we have every insurance known to man, but we all know that I wouldn't get what the van was worth if something happened.

Still sucks.


Sharon said...

That totally sucks! my car got broken into, the 2nd night after we moved. They pulled my stereo out (only the radio worked - lol) thankfully they didn't see the garage door opener. They jammed a screwdriver through the lock :(

Kylie's Mom said...

That sucks, Sharon! We are so lucky that didn't happen here...I just have to keep remembering that.

Jane said...

It's amazing how violated you can feel after having your car broken into :( Poor Jake :( I hope he's ok. It's just a nasty feeling to know strangers have been through your stuff. :( We had our car broken into years ago - when I was with my ex. There was glass all in the baby car seat and they took all the cd's and things :( but it was the nasty feeling it left that was the worst :(

Kylie's Mom said...

Jane, I'm so grateful that nothing was broken. My van was pretty I came in the house and cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom...that made me feel a bit better LOL.

Neonjake said...

It is the inconvenience of being broken into, I had it happen and it felt like they had violated my space.
I make the mistake of leaving an apartment key in there,. so guess what? I had to have my apartment key redone. just irritating stuff. They did not steal my CD's what kid wants CD's of Il Divo...classical stuff.