Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Recap

Well, the summer is almost over and I didn't get any of my personal goals accomplished...oh well. I had planned on taping a few shows (Foster's Home, X-Weighted) so that I had full tapes of them to watch when I'm riding the bike during the cold winter and I think I managed to tape one episode of each show. Have I developed a sub-conscious aversion to TV? Maybe! I had planned on working on felt food while I watched TV...but I watched so little TV that barely any of that got done either. Maybe when House starts again in the fall. But I missed 90% of season 4, will I be able to get into season 5??? We didn't watch any of the movies that we wanted to, I just couldn't get into it. Oh well, maybe in the dead of winter when there's nothing on TV we will watch some movies.

I drove the kids and my mom all over creation, and come to think of it I haven't been alone all summer, except for two doctor appointments and one trip to Costco the other day. Even when I went to work I had at least one kid with me. A few times, Scott has watched the kids so that I could run to Safeway or something...but my mom was always with me. Not that it bothers me, not being alone, I just find it a bit weird now that I think of it. Even when I'm on the toilet, someone's standing outside the door waiting to ask me a question or for me to poor them a glass of milk LOL.

I did a lot of sewing this summer, but almost all of it was mending and tailoring. I've lost a little more than 18 lbs, which is almost 2 sizes I find, so I cut down 3 pairs of jeans (which is a lot of work!), took in a couple of my favourite t-shirts, and made capris out of a few pairs of pants. Usually by this point in the summer, I've made a few pairs of yoga pants for Kylie for school, but that didn't happen this year. I'm pretty sure she has enough to wear in her closet anyway.

I kept up with the cleaning, but when the kids are back to school I will wash walls and ceilings, I think. And inventory my pantry and freezers, I haven't done that in a bit. The only big thing that I did this summer was take apart the 3 ceiling fans to clean them. I didn't even do anything big in the yard, except for pick raspberries. I had to stretch that out over 3 days, because there were so many of them...and by the time I got to the end of the bushes, there were more ripe ones at the other end to be picked.

Oh, my soup!!! It turned out freakin' fantastic and we've already eaten half of the freezer stash. I surprised myself LOL.

So less than one week until the kids go back to school, and I'm a bit sad. Stone me if you will. I loved having them here and we did so many fun things together as a family. Even just the regular old picnics-at-the-playground were super fun. Next summer, I have a feeling that both big kids will think those picnics are lame :( . Oh well, I have one more little mind to mold and shape to my liking :D . There are still a few more summers of playground fun there :D .

This past week, I cleaned out a few storage closets and my closet, packing a few bags of too-big clothes to send to the Sally Ann. This weekend, I will go through the kids dressers and closets, getting out all the too-small things to send to the attic and finding all of the bigger clothes that I've socked away over the year.

Backpacks are cleaned out and ready to go, new shoes are waiting by the door, and the pantry is full of school snacks. Today I saw a flock of geese flying west (so not north or south, I guess that doesn't mean much) and this weekend, there is a possibility of frost. Fall's coming!!!!


Danica said...

Fall is coming! You can sure feel it in the air come evening. The sun is setting earlier and I saw geese overhead the other morning as well...they WERE heading south. Glad to hear the soup turned out good.

It is sad to see summer come to such a quick end and next week I will watch my baby start kindergarden :-( Where does the time go and why does it move so quickly when you have kids??

mackey said...

=( I hate the end of summer. I hate my kids going back to school.
I always get soooo depressed.
School takes waaayy too much of their time. They're just kids for heavens sake.
I am willing to let them go for 3 days a week....maybe 6 hours a day. That sounds fair, don't you think?

Cfmommy said...

I'm So glad that you feel the same way as I do...

Cfmommy said...


Don't press 'that' button...posts before your ready...

As I was saying...I understand that not everyone gets depressed when their children go back to school. But I really do. I was NOT looking forward to it, one bit. You read my blog, so you know...

Anyhow, they are 2 weeks into school now...I'm better!

Its true though, getting my son to some of the events that I wanted to go to was NOT easy!!!! They DO grow up way to fast!!!