Friday, August 8, 2008

Miquelon Lake

Man, I love this beach. Today was 32C, and although it was deathly hot (blech), the breeze coming off of the lake was soooo nice :D .

My husband the rocker :D .

Scott is the best moat digger...all the kids at the beach knew it :D .


Dirtiest feet *ever* .


First feel of sand. Sammy would pinch a bit of sand then look at her fingers, not sure what to make of it. Then she would find a little rock on the blanket, pick it up and go, "Mmmmmmm...." and try to stuff it in her mouth before I could catch her LOL.

First dip in the lake. Looks like she likes it :D .


Neonjake said...

Looks like fun. Glad you have had good weather for you holidays.
Stupid question #1. what does :D stand for?

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks Jake, it was lots of fun!

OK, now...put your laptop on the floor and lay down on your left side. The colon is my eyes and the 'D' is a big smile LOL. It's a happy face, just a bigger smile than :) .


Tracey said...

Yay! Day at the beach! It was so scorching out I can't even imagine how I would have been sweating!!

When is Sammy's B-day? Her and Julie look pretty close, maybe a few months off?

Kylie's Mom said...

Tracey, it was so freakin' hot yesterday...the worst part of the trip was having to carry all of our gear back to the parking lot, walking through the scorching hot sand. This summer has just solidified the fact that I'm a winter girl LOL.

Sammy will be 1 on September 10th, so tomorrow she will be 11 months :D .

Nico said...

What a fun day at the beach! We are planning a little vacation for later in the month, and I can't wait.