Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday :D

Well, Scott's holidays are slowly coming to a close. We didn't quite do all the things that we wanted to do (World Waterpark is still on the list) but we came pretty close. Kylie complained that our holidays were too scheduled and she was missing her friends, so we spent a couple of days around the house. She has been pretty good at playing with Jacob, either video games or on the trampoline, so he hasn't been too bored. Man, I wish there were some little boys living around here. I know, I've said that far too many times this summer I'm sure.

Today we went to Chuck E. Cheese, our annual summer trip. Holy crap can that place be expensive. We had a couple of coupons, for cheap pizza and 2 for 1 tokens, so that eased the cost a bit. Still...$40 doesn't go very far there. Good thing it's only once a year. But the kids had a favourite is the sketch booth, for some reason I love getting those pictures of the kids. It just captures that moment in time when Chuck E. Cheese was so enthralling to them. I love having those sketches on my fridge :D .

The community health centre just called to tell me that someone turned in the diaper bag that was stolen out of our van last was found in the alley one block over from our house. Whomever turned it in found Sammy's immunization record in the pocket (oops) with the health centre's address on it. They didn't leave their name or phone number so I can't thank them...that's too bad. It was really nice of them to take the bag to the health centre. Although I'm not sure I want the bag back after someone rooted through my baby's possessions :( .

Sammy is napping and when she wakes up, I will take the kids to the library and then I think we will take the van for a bath. It's supposed to get up to 32C today (yuk), but good thing the sun is going down earlier...makes for cooler evenings.

Later, tater.


Tracey said...

Wow.. that's neat that someone turned in your bag. It's wild how there can be stories where one person is so selfish (thief) and then another is so selfless...

I know what you mean about the bag giving you the heebies though, I would be creeped too!

Nico said...

I hope that you get to visit the Water park soon. I'm glad that you got your diaper bag back, and Sammy's records too :)