Friday, August 22, 2008

What we're listening to (or what we're watching, I suppose)

Haven't done this in a while...YouTube is wonky, a lot of stuff got pulled so we're spending more time at myspace videos. But here goes...

My favourite lately, Hold Me In Your Arms by the Trews. Now really, who uses a cowbell???

Metro Station
Sorry, I couldn't embed this one. Shake It by Metro Station is Kylie's favourite right now. I'd like to sit all of these boys down and comb their hair.

Jake's favourite, Holiday by Green Day.

And Sammy Sunshine's favourite, Big Comfy Couch. We watch it most nights with her...she waves at Molly and giggles, it's so much fun LOL.

1 comment:

mackey said...

I LOooove "Shake It"!!!!!
I have it blasting in my car every day!!!!!!!
Oh & the Trews rock!!!!!