Monday, August 18, 2008

Pieces of Me Monday

My hair...I actually really like my hair. It's been dark brown, chestnut brown, streaked blonde, straightened, etc. Now it's pretty close to natural, although I do throw a close-to-my-natural-colour rinse on once in a while to cover up those pesky greys that seem to be appearing lately. Sammy has my curls, and Jake has my colour. Kylie has *nothing* of mine LOL. She complains that she wishes she had curly hair, and I tell her that if she had curly she would wish for straight hair LOL.


Jennifer said...

pretty! :)

Neonjake said...

Smile for the camera there girly. LOL

Tracey said...

You are lucky! That is how I pretend my hair looks when there is no mirror around. Then I see that it's really a scraggly frizzy thin crazy mess and reality hits me... it just ain't gonna happen!

Nico said...

I have to agree with Kylie, I love curly hair too :)

Danica said...

Its always like that. I had straight hair and wanted curly. I went through puperty and got curly hair and I wanted my straight hair back.

Finally at almost 30, I have realized I am lucky and can have both with the help of a flat iron.