Sunday, September 14, 2008


And that's not a fun pirate reference, it's a very frustrated aaarrrgh!!!!!

I can't believe how the mending has piled up this week. And then today, we were at WalMart and found all the fabrics that I need for the big kids' Halloween costumes at superdy-duperdy cheap prices (so I had to buy it) and now I have piles of fabric and piles of mending!!! It's all sitting there mocking me!!!

So I gave up and decided to check blogs instead LOL.

I've decided to do all the mending and unfinished projects before I can start on the fun Halloween stuff. So if I do a little every day, I should be sewing for Halloween by the beginning of October, right? Oh my gosh...just re-reading that statement made my tummy flip a little LOL.

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Nico said...

Good luck with all of the mending! I can't wait to see the kid's Halloween costumes :) Halloween is my favorite!