Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, I just found out that my dear, dear Dollarama will no longer sell everything in their store for just $1!!! Bummer!!! Sure, they'll have great deals on more crap I don't need for $2 or less, but still...I don't need it, so I will have to stay away more often than not. That stinks. I really hope that they still have a decent selection of dollar stuff, especially in the craft aisle :( .

So let's back up a Friday: I let Kylie have a sleepover, which I HATE, because I like to sleep. I'm not a night owl and love to be in bed by 10, watching Family Guy with my hubby, and falling asleep before it's over. What I don't like is running downstairs every 10 minutes to tell some squealing girls to be quiet, for jiminy's sake!!! So I let Kylie invite 2 friends for a sleepover, we did some crafts and by 10 I put in a movie and told them that if I hear one peep, I'm sending them home LOL. They were good, I'm not sure how late they were up until because I didn't hear one single word. Still, no more sleepovers for a while. I'm done.

Saturday morning, I sent the girls packing by 11am. I figured, they've been here since after school on Friday, it's about time. One girl actually had to phone her mom to make sure she was there...*shaking head*. After lunch, we headed to my sister's to take a few pictures. Saturday night was also date night, so after pictures we dropped off Kylie and my niece at my mom's, and then dropped off Jacob and Samantha at Scott's parents. They had so much fun...Gramma and Papa took the kids to the park in the wagon, and Sammy was passed out asleep by the time we got back from dinner ( I said, I'm not a night owl LOL).

Dinner was nice, we met up with some friends...two that just got married last year and another couple that is planning their wedding. It was fun to catch up.

Now that Sammy is more mobile, she is much more content to crawl around the floor and investigate stuff. So I put toys all over the floor of my bedroom, and I sew while she just crawls all over the checks stuff out. I've been getting the mending done, slowly but surely, and this morning I completed the fleece one-piece for Sam. It fits well, but for some reason the hood is a bit small in comparison to the rest of the outfit. Stupid, mass produced patterns never fit quite right.

Well, gotta go: Sammy is sleeping for now, which means I should be cleaning up the kitchen before I go off to work this afternoon. Later, dudes :D .


Nico said...

Sammy is such a good baby for letting her Mommy sew :) That is a bummer about your Dollarama, I hope that you can still find some great deals.

mackey said...

Nooooooo.....not Dollarama!!!!???
I love Dollarama & everything is really a dollar!!!!
Waaaaa......well that makes this Monday suck=(