Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today, Sammy and I started our first Sing and Sign group at the library. Holy smokes, there were 25 moms (one dad) and their babies! Some families had 2 kids, so that basement was freakin' full!!! But my gosh, some of these ladies just sit there and yap and it was so loud I couldn't hear the signing instructor...but it was fun anyway. Sammy demonstrated her knowledge of the sign for 'more' (the only sign she has mastered so far LOL).

Sammy is starting to play shy when someone looks at or talks to her...and last night she sang for the first time! She was sitting on my lap and we were playing, when she started waving her hand in the air and going 'ahhh ahhh'...I knew right away, she was doing Itsy Bitsy gosh, my girl is getting big! She's crawling like crazy now...from the living room, through the kitchen to her bedroom and back again, leaving a trail of destruction behind her LOL. Fridge magnets, blocks, library books,'s all fair game if it's left in her path.

Well, it's time to wake my baby up and walk to go get the kids. Sammy and I are going for our long walk everyday right before dismissal time, and last night I used Google maps to figure out how long we're walking. It turns out we're walking 4.3km a day...I had no idea LOL. I hope the nice weather holds out for a bit more, otherwise I have to do exercise videos at home...which I really don't like. I much prefer walking.

Scott is working late tonight, so I will probably make the kids grilled cheese for supper and I will have a salad. Yeah, that sounds good :D .

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Neonjake said...

Wow girl, look at you go. I do 1.3 miles in the gym and sweat like the proverbial pig and you just burn up the pavement in the big outdoors.
Keep it up until the weather breaks.