Tuesday, September 2, 2008

POM Monday, a little late (oops!)

Can you believe that I thought yesterday was Sunday??? I don't know what I thought the actual Sunday was LOL...


Here I am at Sheri's Pirate Party. After the kids played Pin the Treasure on the Map or whatever it was, the adults played. We played from oldest to youngest so I got to go last! Yay, I was the youngest LOL!!!

But...I don't remember how I did. Judging by the picture, I didn't get the sticker anywhere near where it was supposed to go. But I still got it on the map, so I didn't do too bad!


Nico said...

Yay one more pic, and what pretty hair you have! How I wish I was at the pirate party, it sounds like it was so much fun!

Kylie's Mom said...

Nico, I wish you were at the pirate party, too LOL. What fun that would have been! I bet your boys would have had a blast!!!