Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. I don't live in the best area of town, as I'm sure everyone already knows. We have signs on the main drag that say, "We Do Not Tolerate Prostitution In This Area. Report Johns to Police". Yesterday, I walked to school to pick up the big kids and there was a "lady" walking down the sidewalk, barefoot, with her hands in the air shouting, "Woohoo!!!!", as if she just scored a goal LOL. Then she would stop, take out a jar of peanut butter from her purse, stick her fingers in and then stick a big scoop in her mouth. Then walk a bit further and repeat LOL. Interesting.

2. A few weeks ago, Jacob put a loonie in a vending machine at Bonnie Doon Mall. Of course, as I predicted to him not 5 seconds earlier, the machine ate his money and he didn't get a toy. So I immediately called the number on the machine, mad because it ate my kid's money. Why do they put the number there if they don't expect anyone to call??? It was a local number, and of course no one called back. I forgot all about it until yesterday...when we received a letter in the mail from Colorado. Inside was a note, apologizing for the inconvenience of losing the money...and taped to the bottom was an American paper dollar LOL! Kylie is completely enthralled with it...she can't believe that other countries have paper one dollar bills. I told her that we used to have them when I was kid, we even had two dollar bills!!! LOL.

3. My mom is 73 years old and she fell on a public bus today (because the driver slammed on the breaks). You would think that the bus driver or someone would ask if she was ok...nope. She got off the bus, sat at the bus stop for 45 minutes until she saw a cab and flagged it down to go home. She's in pain, and walking with a cane again >:( . That sucks. She has two artificial hips...makes me so angry. Not even the stupid bus driver asked if she was ok >:( .

4. I met Scott for lunch today at the mall. When I met him at the table, he was on a call regarding another job. I will admit now, I have anxiety issues and become physically ill when I think of him changing jobs :( . The insurance industry is short on experienced people, like a lot of industries, and he gets calls like this often...but he doesn't tell me about it because he wants to keep me from puking all over his shoes. Which could very well happen if he changes jobs *again*.

5. Supper tonight is buffet style (meaning leftovers). But doesn't buffet sound nicer than saying "leftovers"? I'm hoping that the kids choose the leftover frittata so that I can have the leftover soup.

6. The kids are watching "Night of the Living Jude" from the library. It's a '6teen' episode, where Jude has a dream that all the mall-shoppers and employees have become flesh-eating zombies. A girl just yelled at Jude, "If you die, just remember, I think you're cute!" . That line makes me laugh every time. I'm very easily amused.

7. This time last year, I was experiencing false labour, and wondering...is this it? Will my baby girl come today? Could she just wait one more day so that she can share a birthday with her daddy? Tomorrow is my girl's birthday, and my Scotty's birthday. Although, he says that he doesn't have a birthday anymore because Sammy stole it from him LOL. Yeah, nice try!


Maggie said...

I'm sorry your mom went through that, thats terrible. The stolen birthday is to funny though :)

Tracey said...


1. That lady is a lunatic! I think i would have been tempted to catch that on camera... she probably would have beat me up or something (if she is even aware of the world around her)

2. I am super impressed that they sent money. I am reminded of the impark lot that ate $7 and I called the # and... NOTHING happened. EVER. Grr.

3. Why the heck did your poor mommy have to stand?? That is infuriating. People today sometimes make me sick.

And finally.. Sammy and your DH share a b-day? That is amazing! How far off was her actual due date??

OH- and happy birthday to them both a few hours early!

Mamma Schmoo said...

My DH has his birthday tomorrow too....which reminds me that is my cousin's 5th birthday today and I forgot to call....anyway....Happy birthday to your baby (who is uber-cute by the way) and your DH.

Sorry to hear about your Mom too. Hope she is feeling better as soon as possible.

(mrsschmoo from LP, I linked here from Mollys People)

mackey said...

I like your random thoughts=)

lol @ the lady with the peanut butter. I think Iknow where u live just by the visual you gave. I live nearby.Clareview....& our neighborhood is getting almost as bad.

Happy Birthday to your big boy & little girl=)

Kylie's Mom said...
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Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks everyone :D. My mom will be ok...she was just standing up to get off the bus when suddenly the bus driver slammed on the breaks. I told her, next time you sit at the front so the driver can see that you need to get off! But mothers these days, they think they know it all...you can't tell them anything LOL...

Tracey, Sammy was due on the 9th. I told her all along, you stay in there! I don't know what else to get your father for his birthday LOL...

Welcome Mama Schmoo! I'll have to check out your profile and see if you have a blog, too.

Yup, Mackey, those areas are getting worse all the time, aren't they?