Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday :)

*Sigh*...still looking at that gigantic pile of mending/hemming/fixing/crap. And it looks exactly the same as yesterday.

Well, it's morning and I've already walked the big kids to school and walked over to Gramma's to make sure she is alright. She's still not getting around very well, although she is gradually getting better. Scott was there yesterday to install a new power outlet so that she can move her computer upstairs. She is like me in that way, she depends on her computer for entertainment more than her TV. She can get downstairs, but not very well, so I think having the computer upstairs will be better for her.

I have to run some errands today...Dollarama, Superstore and the gas station. I was hoping that gas prices would have come down since Friday, when the hurricane in the Southern States bumped prices up to something like $1.40/litre, because I have been on empty since Thursday night!!! Actually, Scott came home at supper time on Friday and told me that prices had all dropped and there was nothing to worry about...I don't think he had his glasses on when he read the signs LOL. Looks like everyone is still running the same prices, that is if they haven't run out of or are rationing fuel. Sucks. Oh well, I don't drive that much anyway, so if they will only give me 20L then that is what I will take.

I have to go to work tonight because I didn't make it in last night. I think I will start going in on Monday nights, now that Scott's volleyball league is over. Just easier that way.

Well, have a good day, everyone!


Neonjake said...

You are such a busy girl. Take sometime for yourself once in a while okay.

Nico said...

I hope that Gramma is feeling better soon :) It sounds like you have had a very busy day.