Sunday, September 28, 2008

And yet more pics...

WAAAHH!!! I hate this thing, take it off, take it off!!!! Stupid Simplicity patterns, the hood is just about too small. I was hoping it would still fit in the spring.

Yes, I still rock her to sleep at night. Yes, she sleeps through the night and doesn't wake up until we get her up. Yes, she's still nursing. No, she's not spoiled.

Kylie's library stash for the week. She took them out on Wednesday night and has read everything except for the riddle books in the middle.

Pics at my sister's acreage.



My sister's kids...don't they look nice?

Well, that didn't last very long...

Friday, September 26, 2008

I''m back, baby!

...and I can honestly tell you that Windows Vista sucks.

It's the new operating system that's on our new computer. The old computer was slow and just not cutting it...and when we got a virus, Scott jumped on the opportunity to upgrade. But this computer comes with Vista as its operating system, and a new keyboard that has funny keys all over the place. So my typing is a bit off...coupled with the fact that I'm scared crapless to download anything right now, so I will hold off on downloading the Google toolbar that I depended on for its spell-checking feature.

The last few days, I've been catching up on my sewing, which is almost done (yay)! I still have to take in my bathing suit, which I'm putting off because I've never sewn that type of fabric before and I don't want to butcher my suit too badly. The bottoms need a new waistband and elastic and the top just needs to be taken in in a few places. We want to go swimming this weekend, so I had better get on that.

Jacob had a couple of friends here yesterday...they are brothers, 2 years apart (7 & 5). One has red hair and one has blonde...and the blonde's name is Scott LOL. He's so cute, I could gobble him right up. But I can't, so I just kept feeding him butterscotch chip cookies and telling him jokes. He's so sweet.

Tonight, we are having cheese fondue for supper!!! Yum, my favourite. In a few minutes, I'm taking Gramma shopping for a few ingredients.

Sammy is sitting on the floor at my feet, watching Four Square on TV. She gets so excited when she sees it come on, almost as much as she does for The Big Comfy Couch. Shh...I like Four Square, too. But don't tell LOL.

Have a great day, everyone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Argh! (again)

I've got a stupid virus on my stupid computer. Something is shutting down the pop-up blocker in my google tool bar and making the stupid keyboard not behave!!!!!

So I may be off for a cuple of days...maybe that's a good thing. I'll get some sewing done LOL.

...and I just noticed that my flu shot injection site is hurting, which means I'm gonna get sick. Yay. Crap.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, I just found out that my dear, dear Dollarama will no longer sell everything in their store for just $1!!! Bummer!!! Sure, they'll have great deals on more crap I don't need for $2 or less, but still...I don't need it, so I will have to stay away more often than not. That stinks. I really hope that they still have a decent selection of dollar stuff, especially in the craft aisle :( .

So let's back up a Friday: I let Kylie have a sleepover, which I HATE, because I like to sleep. I'm not a night owl and love to be in bed by 10, watching Family Guy with my hubby, and falling asleep before it's over. What I don't like is running downstairs every 10 minutes to tell some squealing girls to be quiet, for jiminy's sake!!! So I let Kylie invite 2 friends for a sleepover, we did some crafts and by 10 I put in a movie and told them that if I hear one peep, I'm sending them home LOL. They were good, I'm not sure how late they were up until because I didn't hear one single word. Still, no more sleepovers for a while. I'm done.

Saturday morning, I sent the girls packing by 11am. I figured, they've been here since after school on Friday, it's about time. One girl actually had to phone her mom to make sure she was there...*shaking head*. After lunch, we headed to my sister's to take a few pictures. Saturday night was also date night, so after pictures we dropped off Kylie and my niece at my mom's, and then dropped off Jacob and Samantha at Scott's parents. They had so much fun...Gramma and Papa took the kids to the park in the wagon, and Sammy was passed out asleep by the time we got back from dinner ( I said, I'm not a night owl LOL).

Dinner was nice, we met up with some friends...two that just got married last year and another couple that is planning their wedding. It was fun to catch up.

Now that Sammy is more mobile, she is much more content to crawl around the floor and investigate stuff. So I put toys all over the floor of my bedroom, and I sew while she just crawls all over the checks stuff out. I've been getting the mending done, slowly but surely, and this morning I completed the fleece one-piece for Sam. It fits well, but for some reason the hood is a bit small in comparison to the rest of the outfit. Stupid, mass produced patterns never fit quite right.

Well, gotta go: Sammy is sleeping for now, which means I should be cleaning up the kitchen before I go off to work this afternoon. Later, dudes :D .

Friday, September 19, 2008


Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Pics. And a movie clip.

My mom says I'm stingy with the pictures, so here's a few:

Sammy, sleeping in her pirate finery.


Sammy got into the kleenex while I was starting the dishwasher LOL. She had so much fun, and I kept trying to get her to look at the camera...but she just crawled away when she had had enough.

Marshmallow roast...when I was a kid, my mom had a gas stove so I would roast them there. We have electric so Kylie improvised LOL.

I don't know what Sammy found so funny...Jake is playing Wii baseball and she is just giggling like crazy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today, Sammy and I started our first Sing and Sign group at the library. Holy smokes, there were 25 moms (one dad) and their babies! Some families had 2 kids, so that basement was freakin' full!!! But my gosh, some of these ladies just sit there and yap and it was so loud I couldn't hear the signing instructor...but it was fun anyway. Sammy demonstrated her knowledge of the sign for 'more' (the only sign she has mastered so far LOL).

Sammy is starting to play shy when someone looks at or talks to her...and last night she sang for the first time! She was sitting on my lap and we were playing, when she started waving her hand in the air and going 'ahhh ahhh'...I knew right away, she was doing Itsy Bitsy gosh, my girl is getting big! She's crawling like crazy now...from the living room, through the kitchen to her bedroom and back again, leaving a trail of destruction behind her LOL. Fridge magnets, blocks, library books,'s all fair game if it's left in her path.

Well, it's time to wake my baby up and walk to go get the kids. Sammy and I are going for our long walk everyday right before dismissal time, and last night I used Google maps to figure out how long we're walking. It turns out we're walking 4.3km a day...I had no idea LOL. I hope the nice weather holds out for a bit more, otherwise I have to do exercise videos at home...which I really don't like. I much prefer walking.

Scott is working late tonight, so I will probably make the kids grilled cheese for supper and I will have a salad. Yeah, that sounds good :D .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


That there was the sound of Pieces of Me Monday imploding. Or exploding, I guess...whatever. I never could get used to doing things like Taco Tuesday or Pancake Sunday or anything like that, so I guess I will just give up on POM Monday. You've had enough torture anyway, right LOL?

So when I get around to it, I will just post Pieces of Me on any old random day, just to keep you on your toes.

Well, I'm off to sew again. Slooooowly putting a dent in the mending pile, but the kids have added to the pile in the last few days. Patching knees, hemming pants and now mending socks. Whee, lookit me go!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday :)

*Sigh*...still looking at that gigantic pile of mending/hemming/fixing/crap. And it looks exactly the same as yesterday.

Well, it's morning and I've already walked the big kids to school and walked over to Gramma's to make sure she is alright. She's still not getting around very well, although she is gradually getting better. Scott was there yesterday to install a new power outlet so that she can move her computer upstairs. She is like me in that way, she depends on her computer for entertainment more than her TV. She can get downstairs, but not very well, so I think having the computer upstairs will be better for her.

I have to run some errands today...Dollarama, Superstore and the gas station. I was hoping that gas prices would have come down since Friday, when the hurricane in the Southern States bumped prices up to something like $1.40/litre, because I have been on empty since Thursday night!!! Actually, Scott came home at supper time on Friday and told me that prices had all dropped and there was nothing to worry about...I don't think he had his glasses on when he read the signs LOL. Looks like everyone is still running the same prices, that is if they haven't run out of or are rationing fuel. Sucks. Oh well, I don't drive that much anyway, so if they will only give me 20L then that is what I will take.

I have to go to work tonight because I didn't make it in last night. I think I will start going in on Monday nights, now that Scott's volleyball league is over. Just easier that way.

Well, have a good day, everyone!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


And that's not a fun pirate reference, it's a very frustrated aaarrrgh!!!!!

I can't believe how the mending has piled up this week. And then today, we were at WalMart and found all the fabrics that I need for the big kids' Halloween costumes at superdy-duperdy cheap prices (so I had to buy it) and now I have piles of fabric and piles of mending!!! It's all sitting there mocking me!!!

So I gave up and decided to check blogs instead LOL.

I've decided to do all the mending and unfinished projects before I can start on the fun Halloween stuff. So if I do a little every day, I should be sewing for Halloween by the beginning of October, right? Oh my gosh...just re-reading that statement made my tummy flip a little LOL.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Party Pics :D

Photobucket Image Hosting
Well, Gramma brought cookies so you know right there that it is going to be a kick-bum party LOL.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting
This is the reason that I don't scrapbook! I could never make it look like this! Auntie Sheri made a scrapbook for Sammy as her gift, and it rules! It's so gorgeous...these pictures don't do it justice.

There are more pics on my Facebook's just so much faster to load them there than here.

Happy Birthday!

Happy First Birthday to my beautiful Sammy! And Happy 40th to my fantastic husband Scott! Two milestone birthdays in one day. Tonight, we're having spice cake cupcakes for Scott and cherry-chip cupcakes for Sammy.

I can't believe my baby is one year old already! Wow, time sure flies.

Do you think I should try trading in my husband for two 20 year olds??? LOL...nah, I'll keep him. He's one of my favourites :D .

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. I don't live in the best area of town, as I'm sure everyone already knows. We have signs on the main drag that say, "We Do Not Tolerate Prostitution In This Area. Report Johns to Police". Yesterday, I walked to school to pick up the big kids and there was a "lady" walking down the sidewalk, barefoot, with her hands in the air shouting, "Woohoo!!!!", as if she just scored a goal LOL. Then she would stop, take out a jar of peanut butter from her purse, stick her fingers in and then stick a big scoop in her mouth. Then walk a bit further and repeat LOL. Interesting.

2. A few weeks ago, Jacob put a loonie in a vending machine at Bonnie Doon Mall. Of course, as I predicted to him not 5 seconds earlier, the machine ate his money and he didn't get a toy. So I immediately called the number on the machine, mad because it ate my kid's money. Why do they put the number there if they don't expect anyone to call??? It was a local number, and of course no one called back. I forgot all about it until yesterday...when we received a letter in the mail from Colorado. Inside was a note, apologizing for the inconvenience of losing the money...and taped to the bottom was an American paper dollar LOL! Kylie is completely enthralled with it...she can't believe that other countries have paper one dollar bills. I told her that we used to have them when I was kid, we even had two dollar bills!!! LOL.

3. My mom is 73 years old and she fell on a public bus today (because the driver slammed on the breaks). You would think that the bus driver or someone would ask if she was ok...nope. She got off the bus, sat at the bus stop for 45 minutes until she saw a cab and flagged it down to go home. She's in pain, and walking with a cane again >:( . That sucks. She has two artificial hips...makes me so angry. Not even the stupid bus driver asked if she was ok >:( .

4. I met Scott for lunch today at the mall. When I met him at the table, he was on a call regarding another job. I will admit now, I have anxiety issues and become physically ill when I think of him changing jobs :( . The insurance industry is short on experienced people, like a lot of industries, and he gets calls like this often...but he doesn't tell me about it because he wants to keep me from puking all over his shoes. Which could very well happen if he changes jobs *again*.

5. Supper tonight is buffet style (meaning leftovers). But doesn't buffet sound nicer than saying "leftovers"? I'm hoping that the kids choose the leftover frittata so that I can have the leftover soup.

6. The kids are watching "Night of the Living Jude" from the library. It's a '6teen' episode, where Jude has a dream that all the mall-shoppers and employees have become flesh-eating zombies. A girl just yelled at Jude, "If you die, just remember, I think you're cute!" . That line makes me laugh every time. I'm very easily amused.

7. This time last year, I was experiencing false labour, and this it? Will my baby girl come today? Could she just wait one more day so that she can share a birthday with her daddy? Tomorrow is my girl's birthday, and my Scotty's birthday. Although, he says that he doesn't have a birthday anymore because Sammy stole it from him LOL. Yeah, nice try!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pieces of Me Monday

...what a way to start a Monday: being greeted by a picture of my fat bum LOL. Although it is getting smaller, because I can grab a couple of inches in my jeans. I've already taken them in once, can the waistband can take another altering? Time to shop!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday :D

You know, I thought that once the kids were back in school I would have more time for updating this blog thing. But turns out I had work to do :D .

Tuesday was the first day back for the big kids. Kylie didn't want to go, Jake didn't want to go...but as soon as they saw their friends again, they were happy to be there. Kylie is the second tallest in her class! There is only one girl who is taller, and she is a year older than Kylie. The school was decorated with all sorts of balloons and streamers, and looked like a fun place to be. Sammy and I left them at school, and then we took Gramma to the fabric store. Sammy needs a fleece one piece, for the chilly walks to school in the morning. It's already around 6C when we leave for gosh, it's getting chilly already. I saw geese flying south yesterday! Snow is right around the corner.

Wednesday I spent the day going through Kylie's closet and dresser. She has so many hand-me-downs and bargain finds that needed to be sorted (actually, if I had some sort of organizing system in place when I bought the clothes, I wouldn't have to spend so much time sorting them every fall...oh well). Then when Kylie got home from school, she tried a pile of clothes on. We made piles...donate, mend, stuff-in-dresser, gosh, that girl has a lot of clothes this year. She's so picky now, though. I wonder if she'll wear half the stuff in her dresser.

Thursday was early dismissal day. While Sammy napped, I hemmed Kylie's pants that were too long and made elastic waistbands in the pants that were too big in the waist. I love the elastic that you can buy with the buttonholes in it. I cut out the fleece snowsuit but I didn't get much sewn on it. After I picked up the kids, we went to Toys R Us to pick out birthday gifts for Sammy's birthday, which is this weekend. That evening, Jacob asked for a haircut! I don't know what got into him, the week before he told me he was never cutting that shaggy mop *ever*.

Friday...boring. Nothing happened LOL.

Saturday morning, Scott leaves early to go golfing. Jacob wakes up and remembers that he has a birthday party to go to TODAY that he got an invitation for YESTERDAY. How does that happen???? Maybe parents invite the kids extra late so that no one comes to the party so they have less mess to clean up??? I don't know. So we run to WalMart to pick up a gift. Actually, I usually have something stashed under my bed from the clearance section for just such an occasion, but this time I didn't have anything. Jacob is making a card. He hates making cards LOL.

This afternoon we are going to my sister's to see her brand-new puppy. He's a golden retriever, I can't wait to see him.

Later, dudes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She crawls!!!

Finally! Scott had the idea to make a Hansel and Gretel-ish trail of cereal for Sam to follow, and she did! And only 10 days before her first birthday LOL.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

POM Monday, a little late (oops!)

Can you believe that I thought yesterday was Sunday??? I don't know what I thought the actual Sunday was LOL...


Here I am at Sheri's Pirate Party. After the kids played Pin the Treasure on the Map or whatever it was, the adults played. We played from oldest to youngest so I got to go last! Yay, I was the youngest LOL!!!

But...I don't remember how I did. Judging by the picture, I didn't get the sticker anywhere near where it was supposed to go. But I still got it on the map, so I didn't do too bad!