Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from the land of the sick

Well, today feels like the first day where I didn't feel like complete poop when I rolled out of bed in the morning. Scott and I have been having sleeping issues...can get to sleep no problem, just can't stay asleep. I don't know if it has something to do with the flu that our family just experienced...or what. Last night was the first time that I slept right through the night in nearly 2 weeks. I wonder...could it possibly be that our mommy/daddy brains were turned 'on' all night long, expecting one of the three kids to wake up sick during the night??? I'll bet that's what it was.

Sammy still isn't herself, filling her diaper at the drop of a hat. I haven't used cloth diapers at all this's just easier to toss it than to wash it (I know, Mother Nature is shaking her finger at me right about now). Sam hasn't had cow's milk in over a week, except for on Saturday, when I thought she could handle a bottle right after breakfast. She promptly taught Scott a lesson by barfing all over him.

Saturday night was Scott's Christmas party, so the kids went to Gramma's house. The party was at a golf course, with awesome spinach perogies and then blackjack and roulette with funny money for the entertainment (no dance). It was really fun...I've never gambled before, and I didn't really enjoy that part, but at least I can say that I learned something new. I recognized a few faces...Len and Bruce, but they're at every insurance gig it seems. There were a lot of people that I haven't met before, and a lot of faces that I recognized but that I can't remember their names. I'm horrible with names.

Did I finish the blouse that I was working on, you may ask? A resounding 'no' is what you get. I was too sick and too tired this week, and then got so pissed off at the slithery fabric that I filed the whole thing right in the garbage. I can't even rescue it now, because the next day Scott took out the trash. I swear, that is the last time I try to sew anything by way of clothing for myself. I don't enjoy it, and I sure don't save any money any time I try. I should know better by now.

Since I feel so much better today, I've already folded a week's worth of diapers, liners and wipes (washed last week), washed 2 more loads and folded them, cleaned the bathroom, filled and ran the dishwasher, and changed 3 horrible diapers...all before noon. Now Sam is in bed, and I'm going to have some lunch before I tackle cleaning the floors. Kylie washed and vacuumed the floors in the basement yesterday...and did such a horrible job that I think she will re-do it again after school. Part of me thinks I should just do it and get it over with, but that's not going to teach her anything is it??? I'm such a mean mom :) .


Nico said...

Thank goodness you are all finally feeling better. It sounds like the party was fun too :)

Tracey said...

NO! Don't just do the cleaning yourself, kids are like husbands. They learn to do things lousy so you never ask them again... ;)

Sorry about your family's illness. Glad the horizon is in sight. I think you're right about why you couldn't sleep. We get like that too if something is not right with our little squeek.

Neonjake said...

Sorry you all been sick. There is a lot of it going around and you know what it seems to be in your area, schools are great breeding grounds for virus'. Hope Sam is feeling better soon. And take care of yourself.