Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holy coldness, batman!

Eek, did I just see that?

High of -21C on Monday...yesterday was a high of +4C or something like that. There was mush everywhere lol.

I guess we had it too good for too long...I shouldn't complain.

But I'm gonna anyway! Holy crap that's cold!!!

I need to get my shopping done *now*...still on the lookout for a manga book that Kylie wants, I wish I would have thought to order it from Chapters last month! Doh!!!


Jennifer said...

BRRRRR. Keep warm! :) This weekend is really supposed to freeze.

Nico said...

BRRRR it sounds so cold outside! We have had a little bit of ice here, but by the weekend we are supposed to see some warmer temps :)

Neonjake said...

Have you tried I buy books from them all the time, they are fast and usually accurate.