Monday, December 29, 2008

Stupid, stupid dr >:{

Argh! Remember last Monday, I took Kylie to the medicentre to get her checked out because she was so sick? Stupid dr took a throat swab, but told us that he believed that it was just a flu...well, guess who called this morning! The medicentre, asking for Kylie to come back because she needs to see a dr again. Well, after 4 hours of waiting (unreal) we finally got a prescription for antibiotics, as Kylie has strep throat! An entire week she was walking around with this, and I just read that it's freakin' contagious!

Could that dr have not just wrote us a prescription and told us not to fill it unless the test comes back positive? Could he not have saved us a 4 hour wait? How lucky am I to have my mom so close that I could just drop off the younger 2 kids to play while I sit in the stupid waiting room with Kylie all freakin' morning. Argh, how frustrating!!!

Scott is working late tonight, because now he is backed up with files because he had the nerve to take Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. I have to go to work tonight, I hope he makes it back at a decent hour :( .

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