Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There is nothing better on a cold day than sitting by the fire, in the ghetto arm chair that your big sister crafted out of a Costco box and a pillow.

Well, enjoying a book by the fire is very enjoyable, too. Even if the book is upside down.

Scott, all dressed up to shovel. Two pairs of pants + long johns, 2 coats and 1 toque.

Marshmallow pops for the bake sale at school. I planned on making more white chocolate ones, but frankly I got bored of the whole thing and figured I had done my share. Time to enjoy a coffee and Bailey's in front of the fire with my family.

Sammy Sunshine's favourite new pass-time...unloading Scott's bottom drawer and then crawling away, leaving the mess for Mom to clean up.

Our Christmas picture! Four bucks at Capilano mall, can't beat that. Then I just had to go on Monday to pick them up at WalMart...I don't get how other malls can charge upwards of $14 for this same service??? Unreal.


Nico said...

Love your pics! Sammy is so cute. Your chocolate marshmallow pops look great :) I might have to make those over at my house, my kiddos love marshmallows.

Cheerios_Addict said...

Very cute! Londonderry charges $20 for this. I think DS would love marshmellow pops - we'll have to try them!

Neonjake said...

Hey at least Scott has music. It's like exercising without music, that should never happen. Snow shoveling requires music.