Friday, December 12, 2008

Kylie's Kreations

Kylie has always liked working with beads, but has just lately really gotten into more adult beads...pretty glass ones, nice charms, etc. Luckily, Dollarama has a really nice selection of beads right now. That's a good thing, because I can see this hobby getting pretty expensive lol.

Kylie was inspired to make some beaded bookmarks after seeing them at a local store for more than $10. She is making them for Christmas gifts for her teachers and assorted aunties and Grammas.




This one is her favourite and she has decided to keep beads on a black string, and the charm has some Asian characters on the bottom. I hope it's not a bad word lol...I wish I knew what it said.


Nico said...

Kylie's bookmarks are beautiful! Keep up the great work :)

Sharon said...

Very nice!!! you can also get some bead stuff from Michaels when they have they're coupons.

Neonjake said...

I am so impressed, they look so pretty. Hint Hint...jake loves to read and needs a bookmark...and her birthdays is coming up in a month. Just a very subtle hint. LOL

Cori said...

Wow, those are really nice bookmarks!!