Monday, December 22, 2008


We've been so busy here lately, I have to say: I really don't like this part of Christmas. All the busy, jam-packed days...I can't wait for Christmas Eve so the party can begin :).

Some quick thoughts:

1. I have pulled the plug on the bottles. I have had it with them leaking in my purse, had it with washing all those stupid parts...I pulled out my favourite Gerber sippies and threw the bottles in a Safeway bag. Sammy wasn't too happy the first day, but oh well (what a mean mama). That was Sunday, and at suppertime tonight, she drank milk from a Rubbermaid litterless juice cup :) . The first time that she figured out what to do with a straw (believe me, I've tried countless times). She was so proud of herself, she smiled and let the milk just run down her chin and onto the floor lol.

2. Sam walked today! She pulled herself up on this tall '50s ashtray we have in the dining room...and then she walked 3 steps on her own. Then she looked at me, smiling, as if to say, "Hey, did you see that Mom?" lol. Then she fell down on her bum :) .

3. Kylie is pretty sick, her nose is raw-red and bleeding from the irritation. The humidifier isn't working, neither is the kid's Tylenol cold medication. I'm not one to run to the dr when my kids just have a cold, but this seemed a bit extreme...the dr gave her the once-over and sent us home. He did say that she is old enough (10??) to take adult Advil Cold, but do I really want to give that to her? She's a bit tall for her age, I guess...I dunno.

4. Scott has to get up at 330am Tuesday morning, to drive 4 hours to Edgerton, Alberta to check out a fire claim. His manager should be doing it personally, but since he's on holidays this week, he assigned Scott to it. Although I think it stinks that he has to leave for work so early, and I worry for him driving on a snowy/icy highway, I'm thankful that it wasn't our house that burned to the ground. Very thankful.

5. I spent nearly two hours trying to figure out how to use computer iron-on tshirt transfers, because Jacob asked for a Green Day shirt for Xmas. It looks perfect, better than store-bought (couldn't justify $28 for a tshirt). Jacob informed me today that he doesn't like Green Day anymore, he likes Linkin park. Hmrph!

6. Today, Kylie asked me to make her a kimono for Christmas. Yes, I'll get right on that, dear daughter. Yeah, right, in 2 days???

Later, dudes.


mackey said...

Honestly hun...I tried those iron ons before.
They look good at first but don't wash up worth a hell.

I to can not wait for this madness to end.

Kylie's Mom said...

Aw, crap. Well, I just won't wash it lol. Who cares if he regularly wipes his nose on his sleeve...