Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've made a decision.


I've decided. If I wasn't married to my super-wonderful-fantastic husband (and my husband knows this), I would only date older men.

Because I just think they'd be really, really grateful. For everything...ya know *giggle* ?


Nico said...

Too funny!!! I'd be married to Kevin Harvick (#29) he is one of my favorite NASCAR drivers :)

Kylie's Mom said...

Nicole, I'll have to Google a pic of him! Indy racing is in town today and I have no idea what the difference is between Indy and NASCAR...well, my husband tried to explain it to me but I sorta tuned him out LOL.

Danica said...

Susan you are too funny!!!

mackey said...

hee dirty dawg you:)

Jennifer said...

I love cynical as he is! :)

LOL - old dudes rock!

ps...*giggle* what is everything??? ;) lol