Monday, July 14, 2008


So this weekend I took my serger in to get fixed. The sales lady was nice enough to show me a really cool machine that they have on sale ($1600...yeah, like that's gonnna happen). It threads itself. Can you believe that? It has these little holes you stuff the thread in and then a vacume just sucks the threads into place. Unreal. After we dropped the serger off, we went to Marshall's to look at fabric. I carried Sammy in the sling, so as we're walking down one aisle she reaches out and grabs a bolt of fabric...and wouldn't you know it, it was black with jolly rogers all over it!!! LOL!!! And she screamed when I took it away from her...oh well, I guess it was fate. I bought half a metre to make her something out of, it was too expensive to buy a whole metre. Hmmm...maybe a sundress for Auntie's pirate party...

And yay, my family is back! They rolled in at 8pm last night...I was so ready for them to be home. I gave Kylie a hug and right away my eyes got itchy and my chest got wheezy...I had to send all 3 of them to change their clothes because of whatever chemicals they used in that stinkin' hotel. I can't imagine the shape I'd be in if I had actually slept there.

Swimming lessons started today for both big kids, Kylie in level 5 and Jacob in level 2. It's raining like crazy today, so I might get some sewing done. The kids are asking to play video games...I really don't like them playing games in the summer, but since Jake has no one to play with and Kylie wants to play with him...I guess I'll say yes.


Nico said...

Great pick Sammy, the fabric sounds super cool! I hope that your Serger is back to better soon.

mackey said...

I wish I knew how to sew.
I am a crafty gal but not when it comes to sewing.
Oh & the weather did get much better this afternoon , didn't it. I even managed to get my grass cut! woo hoo.